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Composition of the Commission

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is headed by the Chairman and comprises of eight other Members. All appointed by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, in accordance with the provisions in Articles-316 to 319 of the constitution of India. 
The present composition of the Commission is as follows:- 


Designation Name Joining Date
Hon'ble Chairman Prof. Anurudh Singh Yadav  15-03-2016
Hon'ble Member Dr. Sunil Kumar Jain 16-06-2012
Hon'ble Member Sri. Syed Farman Ali 16-06-2012
Hon'ble Member Sri. Major Sanjay Yadav 16-06-2012
Hon'ble Member Dr. Jai Ram Prasad Vaidya 18-06-2014
Hon'ble Member Sri. Devi Prasad Dwivedi 03-11-2016
Hon'ble Member Sri. A.K.Gupta 08-11-2016
Hon'ble Member Sri. Durga Charan Misra 03-11-2016
Hon'ble Member Sri. Lorik Yadava 03-11-2016
Secretary Sri. Jagdish 08-07-2017

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