Praying In My Dream – Interpretation & Biblical Meaning [2023]

Praying In My Dream: Have you ever had a dream that included praying to God, then read this “praying in my dream” blog post to know more. Praying dreams are strongly correlated with consciousness and intuition.  These dreams frequently involve aspirations, objectives, fantasies, and plans. Guilt, the urge for atonement, and a sense of helplessness … Read more

What Does The Number 15 Mean In The Bible And Prophetically

The Number 15 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically is an indicator of events both mundane and miraculous things.  In Biblical numerology, this number carries a special significance that frequently relates to redemption or deliverance from oppressive forces—a reminder of God’s capacity for mercy and justice even in times of suffering.  Meanwhile, numerologists recognize common … Read more

Grey And White Feather Meaning In The Bible

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List Of Sins In The Bible New Testament [Guide 2023]

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What Does It Mean When God Sends Cardinals?

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What Does The Bible Say About Mermaids? Are Mermaids Real?

According to tradition, mermaids are legendary aquatic creatures with a human-like upper body and a fish-like tail. Others have confirmed their presence and coexistence with humanity in our world, despite some civilizations considering them to be nothing more than myths. Mermaid sightings were documented by Christopher Columbus when he was exploring the Caribbean. There aren’t … Read more

How Old Was Timothy In The Bible? Did He Die Young Or Old?

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