What Does The Bible Say About Loved Ones Visiting Us?

While some people believe that deceased loved ones might manifest themselves in some fashion on earth, the Bible takes a gloomy view of such events. Rather, it highlights the hope that Believers have in Christ. So what does the Bible say about loved ones visiting us? Many people who have had the sensation or occurrence … Read more

7 Curses In The Bible – Break “Generational Curses”

In this article, we will explore seven important 7 curses in the Bible, along with the context in which they were given and their lasting impact on humankind. Whether you are studying these curses for personal or academic reasons, there is no denying their power and potential significance for modern society.  In the Bible, there … Read more

How Long Is A Generation In The Bible? Biblical Meanings & References

How long is a Generation in the Bible? A generation in the Bible is typically thirty years since one generation will serve as the parents of the next. Nevertheless, a “generation” can also refer to a more extended age range or a group of people in some biblical contexts. At least three different words that … Read more