BTS World Tour 2023, Schedule, Concert Dates, Ticket Price

BTS World Tour 2023

BTS is a K-POP boy band-based group that consists of 7 members. Despite having been founded in 2010, they only made their Big Hit Entertainment debut on 12 June 2013. BTS Millions won over millions of fans worldwide, and they continue to be.

Their fandom is known as ARMY. BTS has received two Grammy nominations. They have broken countless records, from being the first Korean pop group to being nominated for a Grammy Award. BTS has a huge global fan base.

According to sources, the BTS World Tour 2023 will also occur in India. The venue and location of the concert still need to be announced. Read the complete article to learn about the price of tickets, the concert schedule, and how you can book your tickets online for the concert.

Highlights for the BTS World Tour 2023

Event nameBTS World Tour 2023
Category Music Concert
BTS World Tour Venue 202310 Venues in Asia (Including India).8 Venues in Europe.11 Venues in the US.3 Venues in Canada.2 venues in Latin America & Australia.
Music Genre Pop
Concert Type Stage concert 
Expected date of BTS tour in India 2023July 2023
Ticket Price Rs 1000 – 50,000
Ticket BookingOnline
Official website

BTS New India Tour & Concert Dates will be released, and they’ll perform in several locations in India. According to the most recent news, the BTS Band may visit India in July, and tickets will be available on the website.

We know that BTS fans, popularly known as the BTS Army, have been waiting for concert dates for a while, but we are pleased to announce that your favorite band will perform in July.

The precise time and location will be announced soon, and as soon as the schedule is available, we’ll let you know here. Pricing of BTS Concert Tickets in India in 2023 will range upto 50,000.

BTS World Tour Schedule 2023 Details

BTS has picked out several Asian countries, including India to visit in 2023. All you BTS fans out there, this is great news. 

Name of the Event BTS World Tour BTS World Tour 2023
BTS World Tour Venue for 202310 Venue in Asia (Including India).8 Venues in Europe.11 Venues in the US.3 Venues in Canada.2 venues in Latin America & Australia.
BTS World Tour Date 2023 Upcoming Concerts 10 March: Seoul (Korea) Olympic Stadium12 March: Seoul (Korea)13 March: Seoul (Korea)8 April 2023: Las Vegas (NV, US)9 April 2023: Las Vegas (NV, US)15 April 2023: Las Vegas (NV, US)

BTS Concert Dates 2023 

  • The 2023 BTS concert in India is expected to happen soon.
  • The BTS India Tour 2023 will begin in August, per new sources.
  • In India, tickets for the BTS Concert 2023 range in price from Rs 1000 to Rs 50,000.
  • With the numerous internet channels accessible, you can buy tickets.
  • However, it has yet to be confirmed at which location BTS will perform.
  • Make sure you instantly buy your BTS Concert Tickets, as they get sold out quickly.

BTS World Tour Country List 2023 

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • London ( United Kingdom )
  • Paris – France
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Philippines

The BTS India Concert 2022 Ticket Price 

Regular Floor Seats350$
Sound Check530$
P3 (2nd Floor)300$
P2 Seats (After Floor)350$
SEC 515155$
SEC 324265$

BTS Member’s Name and their role

BTS Members Name Role in group
Jungkook Main Vocals
JiminLead Vocalist
j HopeRapping 

How Can I See A Live BTS Concert?

On their official Twitter account, PVR Cinemas recently revealed that they would broadcast the BTS City Lights: A Map of the Soul Tour performance live in their theaters.

It is fantastic news for those seeking a BTS performance in India, The BTS Army in India may now enjoy the concert via live streaming via BTS. Prepare to watch BTS perform live, guys!

Since its global debut in 2013, the BTS Group has performed on five concert tours. Five music tours by the BTS Group have been completed, including three international tours, six fan meetings, eight shows, and four collaborative tours. Below is a complete list of all previous tours.

Official WebsiteBook your tickets

How to Book BTS World Tour 2023 Online

How to Book BTS World Tour 2023 Online

  • Visit the BTS India Tour ticketing partner website.
  • Click the “Purchase Tickets Online” button now.
  • On the following page, select BTS India Tour.
  • Choose the concert date that best suits your schedule.
  • Next, select the number of tickets, and then continue.
  • Pay the balance in full to obtain your BTS India concert tickets.
  • Download the BTS concert ticket PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Watch a BTS Concert Online?

After purchasing, one must go to the live streaming page and log in using the Weverse shop account used to buy the ticket. Enter a nickname, examine the ticket and enjoy the show.

2. What is the Ticket Price of the BTS Concert in India 2023?

BTS Concert 2023 ticket price in India is between Rs 1000/- to Rs 50,000/-.

3. How do I Buy Tickets for the BTS India Concert in 2023? 

You can buy tickets for the BTS India Concert 2023 from the official website mentioned in the article. 

4. Is it Compulsory to Join the Military in South Korea For BTS Members?

Ans : Yes, All BTS Members of South Korea are required to enlist in the military by age 28.


The BTS tour is scheduled to take place in India in July 2023. The concert’s official date in India will be announced soon. The Indian organizers will soon announce the location of their performance.

The band will perform in several nations, including the United States, UK and India. Despite the lack of a specific performance date, several media sources predict July to August 2023. (prediction). However, the exact dates will be announced for simple ticket buying. Keep visiting this page to get updates about BTS World Tour 2023.

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