Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off

Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off

Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off: Daulat Ram College is the favorite college of the girl students as Daulat Ram College, affiliated to Delhi University, comes in the list of reputed women’s colleges in the country.

At the same time, in view of the rich infrastructure, academic excellence and excellent faculty of Daulat Ram College, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council has given top grading to the college and it was established in 1960 on Tilak Marg and at that time the college was known as Pramila College.

We are sharing Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off on this page, so check it. In the year 1964, the college was shifted to Delhi University North Campus along with other colleges and the college has been named after the prominent educationist Daulat Ram.

Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off

Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off
Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off

One special thing is that the Daulat Ram College has got the status of Star College from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The hostel facility in the college was started in the year 1974 and in which many girl students can stay.

There is also a beautiful garden in the middle of the hostel premises which adds to the elegance of the hostel. Daulat Ram College Hostel has also got the best hostel award among other Delhi University colleges. Here we are mentioning Daulat Ram College Previous Year Cut Off so you can get the idea about the upcoming cut off list.

Daulat Ram College 4th Cut Off list 2021

4B.A (Hons) Economics97.759690908996.7594.75
4B.A (Hons) English96.59492919194.594
4B.A (Hons) HindiClosed77Closed75Closed8478
4B.A (Hons) History9795.5ClosedClosed8994.593
4B.A (Hons) PhilosophyClosed9086.586.5869390
4B.A (Hons) Political Science97.7596ClosedClosed929694
4B.A (Hons) Psychology98.25ClosedClosedClosedClosed9897
4B.A (Hons) SanskritClosed555454Closed5858
4B.Com (Hons)98ClosedClosed8386Closed88
4B.Sc (Hons) Bio-ChemistryClosedClosedClosedClosed78Closed88
4B.Sc (Hons) BotanyClosed90.6686Closed89Closed90
4B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry95.6694.6687818494.6686
4B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics97.5ClosedClosedClosed91.59794.5
4B.Sc (Hons) Physics96.66Closed87Closed87Closed92
4B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosedClosedClosed85909490
4B.Sc (Life Sciences)93.669184808092.3389
4B.A Programme (Hindi + Physical Education)ClosedClosedClosed73768380
4B.A Programme (Economics + Mathematics)ClosedClosed88.75Closed86.595.7588.5
4B.A Programme (ESB + NHE)Closed8886878590.587
4B.A Programme (History + Political Science)ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed
4B.A Programme (Music + NHE)Closed8078.577788279
4B.A Programme (Philosophy + Psychology)Closed93.592.592.2591.2595.7594.75
4B.A Programme (Physical Education + Political Science)Closed92.5Closed878894.593
4B.A Programme (Sanskrit + Music)Closed706868Closed7070
4B.A Programme (English (Elective) + History)96.5ClosedClosed90.75899692

Daulat Ram College 3rd Cut Off list 2021

3B.A (Hons) Economics98.2596.2590.7590.5909795
3B.A (Hons) English9796.2592.5929295.595
3B.A (Hons) HindiClosed787876808580
3B.A (Hons) History97.596ClosedClosed909594
3B.A (Hons) PhilosophyClosed90.2586.7586.758693.2591
3B.A (Hons) Political Science98.597ClosedClosed92.596.595
3B.A (Hons) Psychology98.5ClosedClosedClosedClosed98.2597.25
3B.A (Hons) SanskritClosed585656Closed6259
3B.Com (Hons)9895.5Closed8588Closed90
3B.Sc (Hons) Bio-ChemistryClosedClosedClosedClosed80Closed90
3B.Sc (Hons) BotanyClosed90.6686838990.6690
3B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry96.66ClosedClosed8485.3395.6688.66
3B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosedClosedClosedClosed91.759794.75
3B.Sc (Hons) Physics97.3395898189Closed93
3B.Sc (Hons) Zoology95.33Closed88.338691.669591
3B.Sc (Life Sciences)94.3391.6686838493.3390
3B.A Programme (Economics + Mathematics)Closed93.589.25Closed879689
3B.A Programme (ESB + NHE)Closed9089898791.589
3B.A Programme (Hindi + Physical Education)Closed81Closed757784.581
3B.A Programme (History + Political Science)ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed
3B.A Programme (Music + NHE)Closed827979798481
3B.A Programme (Philosophy + Psychology)ClosedClosed92.592.592.59695
3B.A Programme (Physical Education + Political Science)95.593.589.75898994.7593.5
3B.A Programme (Sanskrit + Music)75747272727474
3B.A Programme (English (Elective) + History)96.7594.7592.2591.590Closed93

Daulat Ram College 2nd Cut Off list 2021

2B.A (Hons) Economics98.7596.591.2591.259197.7595.5
2B.A (Hons) English97.759793.593.592.596.595.5
2B.A (Hons) HindiClosed807878808682
2B.A (Hons) History97.7596.593Closed9195.7595
2B.A (Hons) PhilosophyClosed90.7587.587.58793.7592
2B.A (Hons) Political Science98.7597.25Closed93.592.7596.7595.5
2B.A (Hons) Psychology98.75ClosedClosedClosedClosed98.597.5
2B.A (Hons) Sanskrit66615858586461
2B.Com (Hons)98.596.5Closed88909693
2B.Sc (Hons) Bio-ChemistryClosed92878385Closed92
2B.Sc (Hons) BotanyClosed9187849091.3390
2B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry979589.6686879689.66
2B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosedClosedClosedClosed92.59795
2B.Sc (Hons) Physics97.6695.339082.669095.3395
2B.Sc (Hons) Zoology96Closed8988949692
2B.Sc (Life Sciences)94.6692.3387858694.3391
2B.A Programme (Economics + Mathematics)Closed93.7589.5Closed8896.2590
2B.A Programme (English (Elective) + History)97.2595.59392.5919794
2B.A Programme (ESB + NHE)Closed919191899291
2B.A Programme (Hindi + Physical Education)Closed82Closed76798582
2B.A Programme (History + Political Science)ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed97.5Closed
2B.A Programme (Music + NHE)86.5848181818683
2B.A Programme (Physical Education + Political Science)Closed93.592.592.591.59695
2B.A Programme (Sanskrit + Music)95.59490909095.2594
2B.A Programme (English + History)78777575757777

Daulat Ram College 1st Cut Off list 2021

1B.A (Hons) Economics99979292929896
1B.A (Hons) English98.2597.594.594.593.597.596.5
1B.A (Hons) Hindi87828080808784
1B.A (Hons) History989793.593929896
1B.A (Hons) Philosophy94918888889493
1B.A (Hons) Political Science9997.59493.5939996
1B.A (Hons) Psychology999693.59393.7598.597.5
1B.A (Hons) Sanskrit67636060606663
1B.Com (Hons)99979290929895
1B.Sc (Hons) Bio-Chemistry96949090909494
1B.Sc (Hons) Botany94928885919391
1B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry97.669791909097.6695
1B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics97.596919092.59795
1B.Sc (Hons) Physics98969191929896
1B.Sc (Hons) Zoology97939090959794
1B.Sc (Life Sciences)95938887889592
1B.A Programme (Economics + Mathematics)96.59490898996.591
1B.A Programme (ESB + NHE)94929292909392
1B.A Programme (Hindi + Physical Education)868480788085.584
1B.A Programme (History + Political Science)97.596.59392.59197.595
1B.A Programme (Music + NHE)87.5858383828784
1B.A Programme (Physical Education + Political Science)96.59591919196.595
1B.A Programme (Sanskrit + Music)80797777778080
1B.A Programme (English + History)97.59693.593.59297.595

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FAQs : Daulat Ram College Last Year Cut Off

What is the placement status of Daulat Ram College?

The placement percentage of Daulat Ram College is around 94%. More than 70% of the Students of B.Com (Hons) in Daulat Ram College got placed. It is a prestigious college located in the north campus of Delhi University. Many students got placed in Deloitte, EY, TravClan, Digiversal, Wipro, Byjus and many more such prestigious firms.

What courses are offered by Daulat Ram College?

B.A. Hons, B.Com Hons, B.Sc Hons, B.Sc Life Science, BSc Honors Botany, BSc Honors Chemistry, BSc Honors Mathematics, B.Sc Honors Zoology courses are the courses offered by Daulat Ram College. Along with this, English, Music, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Hindi, Psychology courses are also in DRC.

Is Daulat Ram a good college?

Daulat Ram College has a very good infrastructure with all facilities like the library is very well built and has all the books you’d need in your course, 30-40% of the classes have a couple of ACs as well, WIFI classrooms and smartboards in all classes. Even at this time of pandemic the college provides laptop to students for attending practicals and classes.


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