eSHRAM Card Download By UAN, Mobile Number, Aadhar Card

eSHRAM Card Download By UAN, Mobile Number, Aadhar Card

eSHRAM Card Download

If you want to know about eShram card download by UAN, mobile number, aadhar card, then you’re at the right place. Employees in unorganized industries are eligible for the Shramik card scheme.

The program’s eligible employees will be able to get financial aid after enrolling or registering in it. To apply, workers must first ensure that they meet the requirements, which are detailed on the website.

For the benefit of employees in the unorganized sector who are neither EPFO nor ESIC members, the Ministry of Labor and Employment launched E-Shram.

An applicant must be between the ages of 16 and 59 in order to register. Additionally, if you’ve already applied for a UAN Card, you must read this entire thread if you want to understand how to download an E-Shram Card.

E Shram Card Download Overview

Name of the ArticleE Shram Card Download
Name of the websitee-SHRAM portal
BenefitsInsurance upto 2 Lakh Rupee
Methods to Download E shram Card3 Methods to download UAN Mobile NumberFinger Print (Biometry)
Beneficiaries of e-SHRAM cardsAll unorganized sector workers
Previous installments31st Dec (For 1st Installment)
e-SHRAM Card Download PdfAvailable now

E Shram Card Download Benefits

eSHRAM Card Download

There are many benefits to downloading the e-shram card through an internet portal.

  • To begin with, the people who have lost their card can immediately replace it by going to the website. You just need to log in, and then it will be done by downloading the card from there.
  • A user may also receive this card by downloading it from the internet after properly registering.
  • This card has a unique 12-digit number, the same as the Aadhar card. Because of this, the government is able to provide unorganized sector workers extra benefits because it shows how unique they are.
  • Users can download the card using their computers or mobile devices.
  • Before offering someone work under their provisional contractual agreements, many businesses first check to verify if they have an E-Scram card.
  • Employees may therefore verify their E-Shram cards at private enterprises along with their government benefits.

Eligibility To Download E-Shram Card

  • The e-shram card can only be downloaded if you have previously enrolled in the Shramik scheme.
  • A minimum age of 18 to 59 is also required.

Steps For eShram Card Download By Mobile Number

  • Go to first, then after that Already signed up? Select UPDATE.
  • Click on Generate OTP after entering the UAN card number, birthdate, and captcha.
  • Enter the obtained OTP to confirm the mobile number now.
  • Click Download eSHRAM Card Download By Mobile Number after that.
  • Your e-shram card’s PDF file will be downloaded after you click Download UAN Card.
  • You can now access the eSHRAM Card, print it out, and carry it around in a safe place.

Steps For eSHRAM Card Download By UAN Number

  • You must first enter the official E Shram Portal website on your laptop or mobile device,, in order to download an E Shram Card using your UAN Card Number.
  • Following this, you will see options like “Already Registered?” on the e-shram portal’s home page. Click the UPDATE link here.
  • Now that a new page has shown before you, you must click the Generate OTP button after entering your UAN card number, date of birth, and captcha code.
  • Click the Validate button after receiving an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Once you click the Validate button, your name will appear at the top of the screen along with two options. You must select the option to Download your UAN Card before your E SHRAM Card can be downloaded.

Steps For eSHRAM Card Download By Aadhar Card

  • Visit and the Update option will be displayed on the homepage.
  • Click Send OTP after entering your UAN number and captcha code here.
  • Enter the OTP, and you will then have the option to enter your Aadhaar number.
  • After entering your 12-digit Aadhar card number, you must check the I Agree with box.
  • When you click the submit button, two alternatives will appear. Update Your Profile Download Your UAN Card
  • You can now get your eSHRAM card using your Aadhar card by clicking on Download UAN Card.

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FAQs: eSHRAM Card Download By UAN, Mobile Number, Aadhar Card

Q 1: What Is The UAN Number On Eshram’s Card?

A 1: Each unorganized worker is given a 12-digit Universal Account Number after registering on the eSHRAM portal. The UAN number will be a lifelong number, meaning that once it is assigned, it will never change.

Q 2: How Can I Download A Copy Of My UAN Card?

A 2: Use your UAN number and password to first log into the EPF website. The “View” option must be found before you can select “UAN Card.” On the screen, your UAN card will be seen. Your UAN Card is available for download or simple printing.

Q 3: Can I Download An e-Shram Card Using My UAN?

A 3: Use your device to access As soon as the E Aadhar Card Beneficiary Status Check link becomes available, click it. Next, you will need to enter the number on your labor card, UAN, or Aadhar card. E Shram Payment Status 2022 is available on the site.

Q 4: How Does UAN Proof Work?

A 4: A driver’s license, passport, voter ID, Aadhaar, SSLC Book, or any other national identity card with a photo, is valid as identification. You can use any of the identifications listed above to prove your current address, including a utility bill, a lease agreement, or a ration card.

Wrapping Up

The eSHRAM card download process is now much easier with the introduction of UAN, mobile numbers, and Aadhar cards. Employees can now access their eSHRAM cards by simply logging into the EPFO website with their UAN, mobile number, and Aadhar card information. 

This new process makes it simpler for employees to manage their contributions and track their payments online. Have you downloaded your eSHRAM card yet?

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