G20 Summit India 2023 | Schedule And G20 Member Countries

G20 Summit India 2023 | Schedule And G20 Member Countries

G20 Summit India 2023

This year, the G20 Summit will take place in India. At Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, it will take place. This is comparable to global financial stability, alterations to the environment, emissions of greenhouse gasses, and support for sustainable development.

Therefore, these are a few objectives and problems that the G20 meeting will attempt to resolve. The G20 will meet this year to address challenges. The official G20 2023 Summit website can be found at www.g20.org.

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G20 Summit 2023 Overview

NameG20 Summit
Held on CountryIndia
PlacePragati Maidan
Conducted byMinistry Of External Affairs

Topics of G20 Summit 2023

The Group of Twenty, also known as the G20, is an economic alliance that was established on September 26, 1999. The European Union (EU) and 19 other nations are two of the 20 members of the G20 association. The entire roster of its members is listed below in this article.

More than 75% of global trade, 80% of global GDP, and more than 60% of the world’s population are represented among the G20 members. The world’s 20 largest economies are represented by the G20.

According to rumors, India would be the host nation for the G20 Summit in 2023. The member nation that is hosting the G20 meetings each year invites the visiting nations.

Spain, a G20 cooperating member, is the organization’s official guest nation. A G20 Leaders’ Summit has been held at each of the G20’s meetings or summits since 1999.

G20 Summit Schedule Date and Members List

The next G20 Summit will take place in Indonesia in November 2022. Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is currently leading the G20.

Every year, a new person becomes the G20 cooperation’s chairman. For additional information, keep reading this article.

The G20 Summit will be held in New Delhi, India, on September 9 and 10, 2023, as announced on September 13, 2022, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA).

Egypt, Mauritius, Oman, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, Netherlands, Nigeria, and Spain will be among the G20 meeting’s invited nations.

Some of the G20 Member Countries of 2023

RussiaRepublic of Korea
Saudi ArabiaSouth Africa
United States of AmericaUnited Kingdom
TurkeyEuropean Union

G20 Summit 2023 Goals

Keeping sovereign debt sustainable and ensuring global financial stability are the G20’s top priorities. The G20 member nations promised to provide trillions of dollars to institutions involved in international banking during a summit held in November 2008 to restore the global financial system.

India is hosting the G20 collaboration and will host the G20 Summit in 2023. On this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “India is currently a member of the G20 Troika, which consists of Indonesia, Italy, and India for the current, past, and incoming G20 Presidency.

The troika would During our President, thesis on Brazil, Indonesia, and India during our preside includes three developing nations and rising economies for the first time, giving them a stronger voice.

Top priorities

  • Women’s Empowerment,
  • Life (Lifestyle for the Environment),
  • Inclusive, Equitable, and Sustainable Growth
  • Digital public infrastructure,
  • Tech-enabled development in sectors such as health, agriculture, and education.
  • Skill mapping, culture, and tourism, climate financing, circular economy, global food security, energy security, green hydrogen, disaster risk reduction, and resilience.
  • Development cooperation, combating economic crime, and international reforms.

Final thought

The G20 lacks an official secretariat. Along with the finance ministers and central bank governors, officials from the G20 countries referred to as “Sherpas” coordinate the agenda and activities.

The organization’s primary goal is to promote global economic cooperation, with a focus on averting upcoming financial crises. The global economic agenda is significantly shaped by it.

The conference expanded from a collection of central bank governors and finance ministers to include heads of governments between 1999 and 2008.

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