Hariom Lottery Result 2022 – Know today's Hariom lottery result 

Hariom Lottery Result 2022 – Know today’s Hariom lottery result

Hariom Lottery Result

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Let us remind you that even though the Hariom lottery was established in the 1960s, interest in it hasn’t decreased. Every day, fewer than 25000 people in India participate in the Hariom lottery.  

How To Check Hariom Lottery Result – How To Check Hariom Lottery Result 

Hariom Lottery Number: The Hariom lottery’s initial results are released at 10:15 in the morning. The outcome is then released every half an hour, buddies. After that, Shamli receives the final and definitive result of 55. 

Date Time Result 
Friday, 24th August 2022 10:05 78 
Friday, 24th August 2022 10:35 AM 17 
Friday, 24th August 2022 11:05 AM 42 
Friday, 24th August 2022 11:35 AM 93 
Friday, 24th August 2022 12:05 PM 14 
Friday, 24th August 2022 12:35 PM 02 
Friday, 24th August 2022 01:05 PM 28 
Friday, 24th August 2022 01:35 PM 96 
Friday, 24th August 2022 02:05 PM 84 
Friday, 24th August 2022 02:35 PM 16 
Friday, 24th August 2022 03:05 PM 51 
Friday, 24th August 2022 03:35 PM 13 
Friday, 24th August 2022 04:05 PM 13 
Friday, 24th August 2022 04:35 PM 10 
Friday, 24th August 2022 05:05 PM 29 
Friday, 24th August 2022 05:35 PM  

In this section, we’ll explain how playing Satta Matka or Kalyan Matka would help you comprehend the Hari Om lottery right away. You must play this game in pairs because it is similar to Satta Matka Kalyan Matka. Only when the pair’s number is accurate will you be declared the winner. You will receive an amount greater than what you invested in the Hari Om lottery. 

Some Important Information About Hariom Lottery – Hariom Lottery Result 

Hariom Lottery Result

Online lottery games were not available in the past. However, there are other online lottery games with different titles available in India nowadays. An Indian resident can participate in Satta Matka or Hariom Lottery while relaxing at home thanks to online gaming. This is a significant benefit for internet gamers. 

Everyone in society today is seeking various ways to become wealthy, and this is one of them. You can get very wealthy very quickly with the aid of this game. Each citizen has an equal chance of winning the lottery to transform the crorepati from poor to rich person via the route.  

An Indian person can try his luck at the Hariom Lottery online game and become a billionaire while relaxing at home. Let us inform you that the Indian government also banned the game of notary. The availability of betting has increased quickly since it is available online and because India has such a vast population. 

Is Hariom Lottery Legal – Hariom Lottery Result 

Let us start by stating that the Hari Om lottery is not at all illegal. The lottery game has been enjoyed by Indian citizens for the past 30 years, and for a brief period, it was also announced illegally. Due to the game’s accessibility online and the fact that you can play it at your own risk, the Indian government was still unable to outlaw it. 

Advantages Of Hariom Lottery

  • The main benefit of playing this kind of lottery online is that you don’t have to go anyplace to do it.
  • A computer or mobile device is required to play Hariom Lottery, although you can also play it on a device without one.
  • You can start playing this lottery with anyone, but you should only do so once you fully understand how it works.
  • This game’s results are announced between 9:15 and 5:30.
  • If you choose to play this game, you do it at your own risk. Through this kind of game, many people in India can improve their economic situation.

Hariom Lottery Specifications 

  • Skin soreness can be tolerated while using a mobile computer at home. 
  • You can start this game with anyone, but you must first properly learn it before playing. 
  • Every day from 9:15 to 5:30, you can tell the truth about this game. 
  • It is crucial for India’s society since it has the potential to significantly improve the nation’s population’s economic standing. 

Some Inconveniences Of Hariom Lottery 

  • Like Hariom Lottery, there are several games available in the Indian market. 
  • In these games, you can also lose. That’s why you play all these games only after learning. 
  • These games also have an addictive quality. Addiction has ruined many powerful individuals. This game should therefore be played at your own risk. 

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FAQs: Hariom Lottery Result

When Did The Hariom Lottery Become Public?

In India, the Hariom Lottery has been in operation for over 30 years. This lottery game was previously played offline by pairing, but you may now play it quite easily from the comfort of your own home.

What Is Hariom Lottery?

You must couple up in the gimmick game Hariom Lottery. You will win the Hariom lottery and receive your prize if your pair’s number appears in the drawing.

Is Hariom Lottery Safe?

Yes, the Hariom Lottery is completely secure; you may take part in it without difficulty while sitting in your home.


We have given you all the information you need to know about the Hariom Lottery in this article. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this content. You can choose to participate in this game if you wish to or not. But in order to play the Hariom Lottery game, you must acquire the necessary knowledge.  

We appreciate you taking the time to read our whole article. You can use the comment section to ask any questions you may have. 

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