How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online 2022

How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online 2022

How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online

The Department of Food and Civil Supplies in Rajasthan has created a database of ration cards. Let’s read how to check ration card status Rajasthan online.

Anyone who applied for a new ration card in the state may look for their name on the list made public by the department’s authorities. On the department’s official website, the list is now accessible. On the internet, people can look up their names.

The state’s citizens must have ration cards to get subsidized rations. Several Ration stores dispersed over a district or area provide these ration cards. Citizens can buy the necessary food items with a ration card. Poor households typically receive the most benefits from ration cards to make sure they have enough food at an affordable price.

An Overview Of Rajasthan Ration Card

An overview of the Rajasthan Ration Card is provided below in the table:

Service TypeRation Card
State NameRajasthan
Article CategoryList / Status / Application Form
Concerned DepartmentFood, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department, Govt. of Rajasthan
Applicable Year2022
Mode of Checking Status / List / ApplicationOnline
Official Portal

Steps: How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online?

Step 1: Visit the Food and Civil Supplies Department of Rajasthan’s official website.

Step 2: Next, select “Ration card Application Status” from the menu that appears underneath “Ration Card Report.”

Step 3: At this point, you can choose to either enter the number of your application form or the number of the ration card that was listed on the receipt you received from the relevant office when you submitted your application.

Step 4: Depending on your choice, the website will have a space where you can enter one of these numbers.

Step 5: After that, you must select the “Check Status” button.

Step 6: After you click it, a page containing information about the status of your ration card will show up on your screen.

Step 7: Based on that, you can go see if the relevant officials have any questions answered. You have every right to inquire as to the reason your ration card is stuck with the relevant officials.

Rajasthan Ration Card Eligibility

How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online

The Rajasthan ration card eligibility requirements are broken down into four groups: those who are above the poverty line, those who are below it, the poorest of the poor, and those who are eligible for the state’s PDS program. 

Types Of Cards Under PDS SystemEligibility Criteria
Ration Card for those over the poverty lineFurnished to those families that have a consistent yearly income
Ration Card for those below the poverty lineFurnished to those families that belong to the economically weaker sections of the society
State’s Antyodaya Anna Yojna (AAY) cardPeople identified by the municipalities and panchayats and belonging to the poorest of the poor category are given Rajasthan AAY ration cards
State Below Poverty Line (BPL) CardRajasthan BPL cards are given to households after the Gram panchayat/state municipal corporation and municipalities verify their economic condition.

Types Of Rajasthan Ration Cards

Ration card details, RajasthanColour
Above Poverty Line (APL) ration card of Rajasthan
Blue, if you hold two LPG cylinder screens, if you hold a single LPG cylinder
Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration card of RajasthanDark pink
Antyodaya Anna Yojna (AAY) ration card of RajasthanYellow
State BPL ration cardDark green

Documents Required To Apply For Rajasthan Ration Card

The government requests a list of documents from potential beneficiaries because it wants to make sure that only those who need the Public Distribution System’s benefits can use it. The list of documents needed for a ration card in Rajasthan is as follows:

  • Evidence of age (scanned copy)
  • Caste evidence (scanned copy)
  • Evidence of Identity: A work permit issued under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act or an Aadhaar card are just a few examples (MGNREGA)
  • Proof of address
  • Evidence of your income from a gazetted paper
  • An updated passport-sized photo
  • A copy of your passbook for banking
  • Documents indicating whether you are connected to the gas system or not
  • A replica of the electricity bill from the prior month
  • Self-declaration and certificate provided by Ward signed
  • Rationalist or Pradhan
  • If applicable, the lease agreement

Application Fees

When applying online for a new ration card in Rajasthan, there is no fee for completing the application or payment necessary. However, for a price of Rs. 5 per copy, applicants can receive their ration cards from the pertinent authorities.

List Of Districts Of Rajasthan Where Ration Card Status Can Be Checked-

Ajmer (Ajmer)Jalor
AlwarJhalawar (Jhalawar)
BanswaraJhunjhunu (Jhunjhunu)
BaranJodhpur (Jodhpur)
Bharatpur (Bharatpur)Kota
BikanerPali (Pali)
Chittorgarh (Chittorgarh)Rajsamand
Churu (Churu)Sawai Madhopur
Dholpur (Dholpur)Sirohi
DungarpurSri Ganganagar
Hanumangarh (Hanumangarh)Tonk
JaipurUdaipur (Udaipur)
Jaisalmer (Jaisalmer),

How To Apply For A Rajasthan Ration Card?

Follow the procedures listed below carefully to obtain your ration card if you want to participate in Rajasthan’s Public Distribution System. Here, you should keep in mind Rajasthan’s strict screening procedure for new ration cards. You must therefore make sure that whatever you write in your application or include in your proof is accurate and verifiable.

Step 1: Click on the link that says “Food Security Scheme/Ration Card Application Form” on the homepage.

Step 2: Next, pick “making/amending ration card by E Mitra/CSC” on the form.

Step 3: Following this, the application paper will be shown on your screen as a PDF. Before attempting to fill it out, read it well. Examine all the supporting documentation that must be included with the application to be verified.

Step 4: You must now download and print the PDF application form.

Step 5: After that, you must supply all the requested information.

Step 6: The aforementioned documents will also need to be attached for verification purposes.

Step 7: Submit your completed form to the appropriate office for additional verification and enrollment once all required documents have been attached.

Step 8: You will receive a receipt from the relevant office, which will include your application number. This number can be used to monitor the progress of your application.

Step 9: You can also go to the relevant office to find out the status of your application or clear up any questions or retrieve any misplaced information or paperwork.

How To Find Rajasthan Ration Card List

You can also check the ration card list on the website if you’re interested in seeing it.

  • You must select the district-specific ration card details to do that.
  • When you have a new page, you’ll need to complete the information regarding ration cards by the district.
  • You will next select the list of ration cards issued in your city or hamlet by clicking on it.
  • This list will only include rations provided by the Gram Panchayat FPS (fair price shop).
  • You may view the list of Rajasthan ration cards online with this method.

How To Get Ration From Rajasthan Ration Card Through POS Machine

How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online

You must place your thumb or finger on the POS system in order for the ration to be issued to you via biometric identification before you may collect it.

  • You must first place your thumb or finger on the POS device for a brief period of time in order to register your identity.
  • If you are not recognized, another family member may receive a ration in accordance with the National Food Security Act by placing his thumb or finger on the POS device.
  • You can take rations from the registered mobile in Bhamanshah using your Rajasthan ration card if none of three out of three are recognized by the pos machine. You will receive OTP for this.

Ration Card Revision Online Rajasthan – Ration Card Correction

  • You must go to the closest Emitra Center or CSC Center if you have a Rajasthan ration card and wish to make changes to it or correct any errors.
  • You must complete the rectification form and include a photocopy of the expired card. The form is available at the center.
  • Get a receipt for your work by filling out the form and submitting it to the center.

How To File A Grievance Or Complaint

  • If you need to file a complaint with Rajasthan Ration Card, you can do it online by going to the company’s website.
  • To do this, go to the contact page and select “file a complaint.”
  • You must click on “Register Grievance” on the following page and fill out the form on the following page to file a complaint.
  • You must post your phone number, complaint information, and relevant papers here.
  • You will receive an application form after submitting, which you may use to check on the status of your submission.

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FAQs: How To Check Ration Card Status Rajasthan Online 2022

Q 1: What Must I Do For My Name To Be Included On The Ration Card?

A 1: If your name is not on the list for ration cards, you must apply by completing the required form. A copy of the required documents, such as an Aadhar card, PAN card, bank passbook, etc., must also be submitted with this.

Q 2: When Will I Receive My Ration Card After Applying To Have My Name Added To It?

A 2: If you submitted all required paperwork and filled out the application correctly, you should receive your ration card within 30 days. This duration could be greater or less depending on the circumstances. Online ration card status checks are also available.

Q 3: How To Verify The Status Of A Ration Card Application?

A 3: You can check the status of a new or revision application while sitting in your own house. For this Rajasthan Food Department, visit the official website. You can then use the number on your ration card or form to check the status.


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