How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023

How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023
How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023

How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023: The Indian state of West Bengal has suggested a virtual ration card that would give all citizens access to their home ration card in digital version. Citizens will tremendously benefit from the WBPDS since they will no longer have to carry along their outdated traditional ration cards.

This digital ration card would make it very easy for the renter to show their ration card at whatever time. The launch of the electronic ration card represents a significant advancement in Today’s long-term digitization effort.

In this post, we will include everything that you need to understand about the WBPDS. Read through the article and find out how to check WBPDS application status online easily.

West Bengal Digital Ration Card Background

The Khadya Sathi, aka West Bengal Digital Ration Card List program, has existed for five years as of January 27, 2021. So this day was recognized by the West Bengal government as Khadya Sathi Day.

And during the coronavirus shutdown, the government donated food to nearly ten crore West Bengal residents through the Khadya Sathi Plan, also known as the West Bengal Digital Ration Card List for 2023–2024. 

In addition, the West Bengali administration has agreed to provide residents with free rations. Giving out rice & wheat for Rs 2 per kg is the primary goal of the West Bengal digital ration card, also known as the Khadya Sathi program. Over seven crore West Bengal residents—or 90% of the state’s population—benefit from this program.

Online Application for West Bengal Ration Cards in 2023

All applicants are informed that the State of West Bengal’s Food and Supplies Division has applications for digital ration cards for collection. Candidates who want to apply for a ration card must first determine their eligibility requirements. Then, the application may be submitted utilizing the WBPDS site, both online and offline.

Applicants without ration cards are still able to submit application forms. As a basis, various information, including eligibility rules, documentation required, online status, entry rules, and more, is offered here.

The Purpose Of A Computerized Ration Card 

As we know, carrying ration cards was quite tricky before the debut of digital rations. The West Bengal administration introduced the idea of smart ration cards with this in mind. Thanks to digital rations, individuals no longer need to carry along outdated ration card paper.

The resident would find it quite simple to present a ration card anywhere. This is a significant move that West Bengal’s administration has taken toward the state’s digitization.

Conditions For Eligibility

To be able to apply for a West Bengal digital card, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Newcomers must be legitimate residents of the West Bengal Region.
  • The applicants need to have an apportion card.
  • Those holding a temporary proportion card or an expired apportion card may request a new proportion card.
  • Couples who got married recently can also apply.

Documents Necessary

When applying for a computerized ration card, the following documents must be attached:-

  • The Aadhaar Card.
  • Voter ID card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Email address.
  • Previous Ration Card.
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • Inhabitant Proof.
  • A functional mobile number.

Apply For A West Bengal Digital Ration Card Online

Adhere to the straightforward instructions below to complete your Ration Card application online:-

  1. Check out the official website.
  2. Select the “Click here to apply” link for the Non-Subsidized Ration / Conversion to Non-Subsidized Ration Card on the webpage.
  3. Type in your cell phone number.
  4. Choose “GET OTP” from the menu.
  5. Type the OTP in the box.
  6. To verify the number, select the VALIDATE tab.
  7. Choose your course of action.
  8. Complete the application.
  9. Choose “SHOW MEMBER” from the menu.
  10. The specifics will surface.
  11. Candidates can enter the information of other family individuals by selecting the Add Additional Member option.
  12. The SAVE & VIEW APPLICATION option should then be selected.
  13. Check the information.
  14. Please choose the SUBMIT button.
  15. There will be a generation of the registration number.
  16. For future usage, keep it secure.

How To Verify The Status Of The Ration Card Online?

How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online
How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online

Step 1: Activate

Firstly, use the Food Department’s website to verify the status of your ration card. Use the direct URL or type into the Google search bar for this. You may access the ration card online right now by pressing this button. 

Step 2: Choose “Check Application Status”

Choose the E-CITIZEN choice from the menu after visiting the ration card webpage. Then, choose the option to verify the current state of the ration card request.

Step 3: Type in the application number

Now select the format of your application. Enter the registration number afterward. Enter the captcha password into the relevant box after that. Select the search button once all the material has been input.

Step 4: Verify the status of ration card applications

The progress of your ration card should show up on the screen when you have confirmed your application number.

Step 5: Choose Ration Card Information

Visit the Food Department website, and then from the menu, choose E-CITIZEN. Following that, choose to Search Your Digital Ration Card Information.

How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023
How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023

Step 6: Type in your ration card number

Enter the card number first. Following that, choose the ration card group. Enter the captcha character in the appropriate area, then click the search bar.

Step 7: Examine the Status of Your Ration Card

The ration card number may also be utilized to verify the status.

Information About Digital Ration Card

Name of the schemeWBPDS Digital Ration Card
Launched byWest Bengal Government
BeneficiaryResidents of West Bengal
Objective To provide Digital Ration Card
BenefitsTo provide ration at the subsidized rate
CommodityRice- Rs 2 per Kg and Wheat- Rs 3 per Kg
Mode of ApplicationOnline Apply

Upgrade To The West Bengal Digital Ration Card

Vouchers have been provided for West Bengal residents who have yet to obtain digital ration cards. West Bengal residents can request the coupon from the BDO, SDO, district office, or relevant municipal department.

For the duration of the shutdown, the state will provide discounted pricing. For six months following the lockdown phase, people would get Rs. 5 per kilogram of rations.

RiceRs. 2 per Kg
WheatRs. 3 per Kg

The Advantages Of Digital Cards

  • With the site, all citizens may view or receive the ration online.
  • This increases public awareness of the government’s openness.
  • Reasonable price stores are given adjustments in any emergencies.
  • Using the portal, a surrender certificate may be produced.
  • The prior digital ration card could be changed.
  • Via the site, you may check updates to the pricing of goods and programs.

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How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023

FAQs: How To Check WBPDS Application Status Online 2023

Q 1: How to find out your Ration card’s standing?

A 1: You may find out the application’s current status by going to, the official West Bengal Ration Card website.

Q 2: “Not yet uploaded” is the ration card status. What does that imply?

A 2: If the state is listed as “not yet uploaded,” it indicates that the request is still being processed and that the website has not yet received the application’s status.

Q 3: How can I reach WB Ration Card Helpdesk?

A 3: Call the hotline number for the West Bengal Ration Card with any questions or issues about the card.
Dial 1800 345 5505 or 1967 toll-free.
[email protected] is the email ID.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the article has covered everything that you need to know about how to check the WBPDS application status online. We hope that this piece was of help and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

If you are looking for more information or want assistance with your visa application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading!

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