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On the igrsup platform, the Uttar Pradesh government has begun the process of online registration for marriage and property. On this government-created platform, you can simply register for marriages, register properties, buy or sell land, get a copy of the land’s deeds, apply for bank loans, and more. Information is readily available online. It is available for download and printing. In addition to this, you can find all of the online services in the igrsup portal.

UP Marriage And Property Registry Portal 2023

The vast web portal IGRSUP in the state of Uttar Pradesh offers a variety of services, including marriage registration, property registration, and online services linked to stamps and registration. 

The work associated with it is made easily accessible online through this site, which primarily operates in accordance with the Stamp and Revenue Acts of 1908 and 1899.

IGRSUP Portal Highlights – 2023

Status Active
scheme name IGRSUP (igrsup.nic.in) up Property and Marriage Registration.
Whose plan? Government of Uttar Pradesh. 
The year2023
official website igrsup
core services Marriage registration, Benama, Property registration. 

What Can We See On The IGRS UP Portal?


On the IGRS UP portal, the Government of Uttar Pradesh is offering you services. This is what report is it? Their information is provided below.

  • Bank mortgage letter. 
  • Know your RSO
  • Property Registration 
  • Uttar Pradesh sell deed 
  • Registry Documents
  • Circle Rate
  • NEC
  • E-stamp
  • Market Value Search
  • Society Registration.
  • Marriage certificate

Igrsup Property Registration

The primary portal for Uttar Pradesh is igrsup. In this, a government agency someplace offers internet services. Registration of property is one of them. You can use this to register your property online. Follow these instructions to register property online through the igrsup office login.

  • You need to start by visiting the igrsup gov in the up official website.
  • The home page will appear.
  • Apply – Select this choice. The selection below will appear in front of you when you click.
  • New Application: At this point, you must choose the New Application option. The application form will appear in front of you when you click. where you must enter all of your information, including your district, tehsil, deputy registrar’s office, mobile number, etc.
  • By completing the captcha and filling out all the required information, you will receive your registration number. You will then need to create a password.

How To Register Property Check Online

How to view a copy of the Bainama online: You can quickly exit igrsup if you wish to view or download the Bainama of any Registry in Uttar Pradesh online. You don’t have to travel anyplace to do this. Downloading Land Denama into a PC or mobile device is simple. You can print it out as well.

You must first visit the official igrsup login portal website to print the Bainama. You will then arrive at the home page. Choose the property search link on the main page’s left side. You will be transported to the following page after clicking.

You have now reached the page for searching properties. You can choose from all the choices on this page. Property address and seller’s address are the two basic choices. There will be several choices available both before and after September 25, 2017. 

There will be a selection of available dates as a result. You choose the choice based on your date. whatever day you have chosen after that. Just click it. You’ll now move on to the following page.

You will now arrive at the aforementioned page after choosing the appropriate date. You must provide the property address, tehsil, deputy registrar’s office name, and village name on this page. A captcha will then need to be completed. Select View Details from the menu. 

You will reach the main details page. You will receive the pdf file with your land plot number in front of it in this manner. You can download it by clicking on it.

Benefits Of Online Registry

Benefits of Online Bainma: The government will complete nearly all tasks online quickly. Being online increases openness in the workplace saves time, and greatly lowers bribes. The following are its advantages:

  • Anyone can view it from a mobile device or laptop via the government’s internet portal, igrsup gov in.
  • Small disputes in rural and urban regions have significantly decreased.
  • You won’t need to repeatedly circle the Tehsil.
  • The certificate is still valid in any government agency worldwide if you obtained it via Jan Seva Kendra.

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Igrsup Offers A Variety Of Services (igrsup.gov.in)

The majority of the services offered by IGRSUP are document registration, marriage registration, and property registration. The following services are offered by the IGRSUP.

  • The public can register documentation at the Deputy Registrar’s office more easily thanks to IGRSUP.
  • The offices of the Deputy Registrar index registered documents. During indexing in the Deputy Registrar’s offices, the names of the parties concerned and area-by-area lists of the property are compiled and made available to the public.
  • The IGRSUP (igrsup gov in) makes sure that the Honourable Court and the general public have access to authenticated copies of the papers.
  • Discharge Certificate – If any public transaction involving any real estate has been recorded recently, or if a mortgage on the property has been registered, the applicable certificate can be obtained from the office of the Deputy Registrar.
  • Following the requirements of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, Hindu marriages are registered by the Deputy Registrar’s Office with the assistance of IGRSUP.
  • Under the IGRSUP (igrsup gov in), deputy registrar offices are required to give free authenticated copies of letters transferring ownership of agricultural land to the tehsil’s revenue office.
  • The district registrar’s offices maintain the security of the public’s “wills” when they are presented.
  • Due to illness or advanced age, an executor who needs to register his paper or acknowledge its performance cannot visit the office of the Deputy Registrar. In this case, the process is done at the executor’s home.


The stamp and registration department is an important government institution that offers many benefits and services to the people of India. If you need to register a property or get married, this is the place to go. Be sure to check out igrsup.gov.in for more information on what the department can do for you.

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