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Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology (ICAST)

The Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology also known as ICAST was created in the year 1959 and also the library has been recognized as the NIC for Aerospace Science and Technology in 1975 by the National Information System for Science and Technology, UNESCO and AR&DB. Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology with its state-of-the-art expertise, infrastructure and services caters to the need for the information of the Indian aerospace community in particular and the engineering and technical personnel in general. Guys it also offers various materials which are in public domain which you can access. ICAST has infrastructure and trained manpower and it has also developed a website for Aerospace Science and Technology, the first of its kind in India which provides all the information.

Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology

Aerospace is a term used to know atmosphere and outer space and it is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications.Aerospace engineering is also a branch of engineering, which is a four-year course, in which space-based aircraft such as rockets, spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, and many types of fighter aircraft are taught to make.

But it is not so easy to make them, first their design is prepared, then development and after that it is tested and then it is produced.In this way, many processes have to go through and thus an aerospace engineer looks after various work associated with this field. And guys soon you will get updates on Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology Notification 2021 and for that stay tuned with us.

ICAST Application Form 2021

To become an aerospace engineer, first of all, one has to complete 12th class in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, after that the entrance exam for taking admission in engineering college which is in two phases is first JEE Main exam and For those who clear it, after this JEE ADVANCE exam is held, both of them get good colleges after clearing them with good ranks.

Apart from this, there are some colleges or universities, in which if you want to take admission, then admission can be taken by clearing their entrance exam, then after completing the four-year course there, aerospace engineers are made and with this you have to wait for Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology 2021 Application Form which will be published now.

ICAST 2021 Exam Date/ Admit Card

Here will share details about aerospace science engineering, then it can be of 2 types, 1 of which is aeronautical engineer and the other is astronautical engineer, now we understand about both of them. Aeronautical engineer are the persons who work in the field of aircraft, who primarily design aircraft and check their performance and apart from this, they also study the theory of aircraft and their technology, their work area extends to the Earth’s Atmosphere and on the other hand Astronautical engineer are the engineers who work in the field of space craft, they work on space craft technology and science, how a space craft performs in the Earth’s Atmosphere and outside it, they study it, thus they study it on satellites.

They work which are of both types of small and big satellites. Their work area is not limited only to the Earth’s Atmosphere but to the outside. Here we are talking about ICAST 2021 Exam Date and ICAST 2021 Admit Card which will be announced soon on the official website.

ICAST 2021 Answer Key

If we talk about an aerospace science engineering, then he or she can make his/her career in development and research field, like aerospace science engineer can walk in any industry for the maintenance work of aircraft or missile, work of aircraft designing, work as an aviation engineer and also there are few organizations that provide job for an aerospace engineer so guys as you have attended the exam and now looking for the Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology 2021 Answer Key with its help you can forecast your result in advance which will be very helpful to you but for that you have to be online and stay updated on this page.

ICAST Result 2021

Aerospace engineering is a field that focuses on the design, development, testing, and operation of aircraft and spacecraft. The field ranges from small drones to heavy-duty interplanetary rockets. All aerospace engineers are required to have an excellent knowledge of physics as all flying machines are governed by the laws of motion, energy and force.

Aerospace engineering draws heavily on physics and mathematics as even small miscalculations can be fatal when working with aircraft and spacecraft. We are here to update you about ICAST 2021 Result so guys be alert and visit this page frequently.

ICAST 2021 Cut Off Marks

Cut off marks will be different for all the applicants who applied for the exam by Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology and it will be divided under category so if you are an applicant of the exam then you have to qualify the cut off marks as per General/OBC/ST/SC issued by ICAST as it will be the minimum marks required to pass the exam.

After doing aerospace engineering, there are immense career opportunities in space research agencies, airline companies, defense, research sector, aircraft companies and at the same time, the engineer can also get the opportunity to work abroad easily and if you have attended the exam then wait for the Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology 2021 Cut Off Marks which will be published soon.

ICAST 2021 Merit List

If you want to pass the exam then you must have your name in the Information Centre for Aerospace Science and Technology (ICAST) 2021 Merit List then only you will be labelled as pass the exam. We are here to share all the details of the exam as you can see the details from top of the page likewise we have provided all the details required by you to know about the exam. Guys all the details provided by us are latest and updated, so visit us via this page and get updates on the merit list of this exam.