Madhur Day Result: What Is Madhur Matka And What Is Its Panel Chart?

Madhur Day Result

Madhur Day Result: In this article, we will talk about the Madhur Day Result and know more about its panel chart. It also comes in a very well-known Matka. According to everyone, Madhur Day or Sweet Matka Day has become a very popular favorite game.  

Those who have played this game for a long time believe that Sweet Matka is a highly reliable game to play to increase their financial gains. It’s not a difficult chore though; you just need to learn its tricks. 

Millions of rupees are daily invested in this game by Indian citizens. And have a great time playing this game. Although Matka is illegal, it has become popular online, so the government is unable to pay much attention to it.  

The young man is playing this game while sitting at home. loving it a lot and let us inform you that the Indian government has the right to penalize anyone found playing this game. We’ll offer you all the details you need to know about this game, so stick with us through to the very end. Now let’s read about the Madhur Day result.

What Is Madhur Day- Madhur Day Result

Madhur Day is not concerned with any identities, and this playing time has quickly grown in popularity. The plan draws a lot of interest, and the Madhur Day panel chart and results are unique. All Satta Matka games, including Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani, and Madhur Matka, are outright forbidden in India. 

A player’s ambition is to make good money by winning this game. Many players achieve this desire, but many players suffer significant losses.  

However, let me assure you that if you win, you will receive a significant sum of money that you can take home. You only need to adhere to a few tricks. It won’t be like playing games and playing tricks; instead, these tricks. 

How To View Madhur Day Chart? 

You first have to go to a shop in the office to see the outcome of the game because it is a seven-day game that is played both during the day and at night. Previously, but not anymore; you can view the outcome of this game without leaving your home. 

Due to being online, you may now view the outcome of this game on your smartphone and computer while lounging at home. You can do this by visiting the Matka website, or by visiting DPBoss the renowned website, where you may view a variety of outcomes, of Matka, shown here. 

07:00 PM Jodi Chart NEW MAMABHANJA NIGHT        11:30 PM Panel Chart 
01:00 PM Jodi Chart KALYAN CHALLENGE    02:00 PM Panel Chart 
08:30 PM Jodi Chart TARA MUMBAI NIGHT    10:30 PM Panel Chart 
01:45 PM Jodi Chart Get married 02:43 PM Panel Chart 
07:30 PM Jodi Chart MAHALAXMI NIGHT 08:30 PM Panel Chart 
12:45 PM Jodi Chart MUMBAI MAIL 02:45 PM Panel Chart 
11:35 AM Jodi Chart RAJASHREE DAY 12:35 PM Panel Chart 
07:35 PM Jodi Chart SRIDEVI NIGHT 08:35 PM Panel Chart 
09:30 PM Jodi Chart NEW BOMBAY     12:05 AM Panel Chart 
01:30 PM Jodi Chart SITARA MUMBAI DAY    03:00 PM Panel Chart 
09:00 PM Jodi Chart BOMBAY RAJSHREE NIGHT        11:00 PM Panel Chart 
01:00 PM Jodi Chart BOMBAY RAJSHREE DAY 03:00 PM Panel Chart 
10:15 AM Jodi Chart MILAN MORNING 11:15 AM Panel Chart 
01:30 PM Jodi Chart TARA MUMBAI DAY        03:00 PM Panel Chart 
01:00 PM Jodi Chart KALYAN CHALLENGE    02:00 PM Panel Chart 
03:35 PM Jodi Chart MAIN BAZAR DAY   05:35 PM Panel Chart 
08:30 PM Jodi Chart TARA MUMBAI NIGHT    10:30 PM Panel Chart 
01:15 PM Jodi Chart MAIN BAZAR MATKA     02:15 PM Panel Chart 
11:25 AM Jodi Chart MADHUR MORNING        12:25 PM Panel Chart 
07:35 PM Jodi Chart SRIDEVI NIGHT    08:35 PM Panel Chart 
07:00 PM Jodi Chart GOLDEN NIGHT 08:30 PM Panel Chart 
09:50 PM Jodi Chart KALYAN BAZAR  Midnight Panel Chart 
11:25 AM Jodi Chart TIRUPATI MORNING       12:25 PM Panel Chart 

Some Side Effects Of Playing Madhur Matka- Madhur Day Result

  • This game of Madhur Day Result is unlawful, as you are all aware, and excessive play can lead to addiction. 
  • It can also put you in debt since you’ll want to play with it so badly that you’ll need a loan to make investments in it. 
  • After playing it, you’ll lose a lot more money than you’ll earn. 
  • If you play more than this, you risk developing psychological and financial issues. 
  • Similar to a drug, it (Madhur Day Result) has a long-lasting addiction. 

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Madhur Day Result

25nd-Fab-2023       687-22-678 
21st-Fab-2023       267-76-567 
20th-Fab-2023       154-78-576 
13-Fab-2023  459-28-478 
12-Fab-2023  567-65-32 
11-Fab-2023  167-21-245 
09-Fab-2023 987-54-275 
07-Jan-2023 164-854-12 
06-Jan-2023 254-85-231 
05-Jan-2023 578-65-654 
04-Jan-2023 026-321-45 
03-Jan-2023 758-260-86 
02-Jan-2023 564-548-45 
01-Jan-2023 129-70-127 
31-Dec-2022  21-458-446 
30-Dec-2022  260-86-178 
29-Dec-2022  321-215-54 
28-Dec-2022  154-76-358 
27-Dec-2022  252-54-549 
26-Dec-2022  685-659-21 
25-Dec-2022  458-215-12 
24-Dec-2022  265-459-365 
23-Dec-2022  257-46-330 
22-Dec-2022  waiting 
21-Dec-2022  594-78-25 
20-Dec-2022  165-93-784 
19-Dec-2022  249-58-700 
18-Dec-2022  667-95-121 
17-Dec-2022  357-54-412 
16-Dec-2022  580-31-121 

FAQs: Madhur Day Result

How Do I Play Matka On The Internet?

For instance, if a particular matka game begins at 1 PM, all of your bets must be placed by 12:30 PM. You must place your bets before 1:30 PM if it closes at 2 PM. Each wager requires the player to select a number between 0 and 9 and a preferred wager amount.

Is Matka Legal In India?

Gambling on Satta Matka in 2023: Satta Matka is prohibited in India; further information.

How Are Satta Numbers Determined?

Choose three integers between 0 and 9. You would choose 5, 3, and 6 as your initial choice at random, for instance. To give the game more depth, the numbers are then combined (5 + 3 + 6), and the result is a final number that equals the sum of the three, or 14.


We hope you learned a lot about Madhur Matka or Madhur Day results from our post, but we want to be clear that we have no affiliation with the game and do not participate in it.

The government has ruled it unlawful, therefore if you want to play the game, you can do it on your initiative and at your judgment. 

Our goal is to provide you with accurate information, and we make every effort to do so. If you have any questions about the Madhur Day results in our article, please leave them in the comment section.

We appreciate you reading “Madhur Day result” all the way through. Keep visiting our website if you want to learn more about this. Thanks for reading. 

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