Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal 2023 | MP Bhulekh Portal

Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal 2023 | MP Bhulekh Portal | Online Khasra Khatauni Name Wise, Land Map Mp3, Khatauni Fard Download

Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal

The Madhya Pradesh government has made all of the state’s districts’ land records available online. Keep reading to know all about Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal 2023. You can now view the land records for any Madhya Pradesh district while seated at home. 

You won’t need to visit Madhya Pradesh’s government offices repeatedly to obtain minor information any longer. If you are having trouble seeing information about Bhulekh, we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to do so in this post.

Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal 2023 

An essential Madhya Pradesh government portal for supplying land data is the Bhulekh MP Portal. Online information on the Bhulekh map, Khasra Khatauni name-wise online details, Jamabandi copy, own land information, farm map, disputed land details, Bainama, etc. may be found on the state government’s Bhu abhilekh webpage. 

The MP Bhulekh Land Record Portal makes it simple for residents of the state to do all these chores from the comfort of their own homes. 

Copy Of MP-Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni

Through this state government portal, the state’s farmers have benefited greatly. Farmers do not need to frequently visit Tehsil to obtain khatauni and measles. In addition to this, the government of Madhya Pradesh is quickly moving all of its work online in the current digital era, similar to other states. 

The government has also built land records to offer online services to the public similar to those of other agencies. The state government has also developed several websites of this type, some of which include the MP Rojgar Portal and Vimarsh Portal, among others. 

To deliver online information to the public through Bhulekh Portal, the State Government created this portal with a straightforward user interface. So, that even those residents of the state with less education can simply access it. The site is mostly used to extract Khasra copy and Khatauni copy.

MP Bhulekh Land Record Short Summary 2023

Portal NameMP Bhulekh Portal
concerned stateMadhya Pradesh
Available ServicesOnline Khasra, Khatauni, Land map, Jamabandi, Apna account etc.
Toll-Free Number / Email Id[email protected] / 0751-2441200

List Of Districts Of Madhya Pradesh Whose Land Records Are Available Online

Agar MalwaKhargone
Ashok Nagar – Ashok NagarMorena
Bhopal – BhopalRaisen
Gwalior – GwaliorSheopur
Hoshangabad – HoshangabadSidhi
Jabalpur – JabalpurTikamgarh

Benefits Of Madhya Pradesh Land Records Portal

The creation of the Bhulekh mp webpage has some advantages for the state’s residents. The state’s farmers primarily profit from its benefits. Only farmers need measles, khatauni, etc. in large quantities. Farmers would frequently visit Tehsil for Khatauni to obtain a Kisan Credit Card loan. However, now that this facility is accessible online, folks may easily watch it while sitting at home. Additionally, its print may be obtained by going to the neighborhood public service facility.

  • Farmers save money on travel costs because they do not need to frequently visit the tehsil.
  • Anyone in the state has easy internet access to his land records.
  • Transparency in the Tehsil administration’s operations has improved with the introduction of online platforms.
  • From their mobile device, Madhya Pradesh residents can download Khasra. They will have a lot more time to spare.

How To View And Download Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni?

How to use the Bhulekh mp webpage to watch Khasra Khatauni. We’ll provide a simple example and a step-by-step explanation. Please follow each instruction.

Step 1: First, you must access the homepage of the official Bhulekh MP Land Records website, The Madhya Pradesh map will appear on the front page. 

The map will display all of Madhya Pradesh’s districts. Simply selecting your district is all there is to it. Click on it thereby dragging the mouse cursor over it. You will be redirected to a different page when you click on your district on the map.

Step 2: You will now be taken to the brand-new website for Bhulekh mp. You can now choose from alternatives like a current or previous year land map, a current or previous year khatauni, a terrain map, a land mortgage, or hypothecation on MP Bhulekh’s website. Here, you must select the Khatauni option; once selected, a notice will appear.

Your browser will now display a new page. Here, you must first choose your district before choosing your tehsil, light number, and village. The name of the farmer or owner of the land must then be written. 

After completing all of the fields, click the submit/view details button and enter the captcha code. Following that, you must click on the options Khasra or Bhu Naksha. You can now download or print your Khasra. It can be printed.

Step 3: You will now see a new page called Land Records (Khasra/Khatauni/Land Map). Here, you must click on the Khasra number among the landowner, Khasra number, and Plot number after choosing the district, tehsil, and village. The block/khasra number must then be chosen. After that, enter the captcha code in the box in front of you and select View Details from the menu.

Step 4: As soon as you select the option to view details. Your computer or mobile device will launch to the screen seen in the picture at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is a view icon that needs to be clicked whenever you click this. There will be a new page.

Step 5: A new page with your measles has just appeared in front of you. Now, you may save it to your computer or mobile device. You may also print it.

How To Check Khasra Khatauni Online On MP Bhulekh Portal?

Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal

These Madhya Pradesh residents want to download and print their own copies of the Khasra Khatauni online land records. However, they are having difficulty doing so. For your convenience, we have broken down the process for printing and viewing Khasra Khatauni step by step below.

Step 1: Visiting The Front Page Of The MP Land Record Website

To view the Madhya Pradesh Khasra Khatauni, first navigate to the main page of the mp land record website. When you arrive at the home page, the Free Services option will be visible. You must select this choice.

Step 1: Selecting The Khasra / Map Copy Option

You will now land on a different page after selecting the option for Free Services from the list above. You’ll find the option anywhere on the new page. However, you must select the Khasra / Map copy option. You will land on a new page after clicking on it.

Process To Extract Population Survey Records On MP Bhulekh Portal

There are a few procedures you must do in order to view the population census records on the Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh portal.

  • You start by visiting Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh’s official website.
  • Select Population Survey Records from the menu.
  • Two choices will now be presented to you. Do you first want to locate the record rights, and then do you want to locate the certified copy?
  • Here, you must select choice number one. (Only authorized staff members may provide you with an attested copy.) You will be taken to the new page after selecting yes on the first option.
  • You choose District, Tehsil, and Village on the new page. The next step is to select one of the options from the landowner, block number, or plot number.
  • Enter the block or plot number or the landowner’s name to complete the captcha code. then select View Details from the menu.
  • The list of landowners and the real khasra information are now visible on the page.
  • Select View in Details from the list by clicking it.
  • In this manner, a copy of the record of rights that has not been attested will open in front of you.

How To Check Land Mortgage Status On Bhulekh MP Portal?

By going to the Madhya Pradesh portal, you can check the status of the land mortgage online. A land mortgage is executed in a certain condition (eg – if you have taken a loan from the bank, due to any special circumstances by the administration etc.) By using the online Madhya Pradesh Land Record Portal, you can determine if your property is subject to a mortgage charge.

  • First, go to the Madhya Pradesh Land Records website.
  • Click on the Bhoomi Bandhan option located in the middle of the home page.
  • A popup page will now appear before you. You have the choice between a certified copy and an unattested copy here.
  • Only unattested copies are withdrawable online; in this case, select “yes” for the unattested copy option.
  • You will now be required to provide some personal information and land records on the new page. Please click the submit button once you have finished the form.
  • In front of you, the specifics of Bhoomi Bandhan will be unveiled.
  • You can observe the specifics of Bhoomi Bandhan in this way.

How To View Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal Settlement Rights Record?

On the Madhya Pradesh Land Records Portal, you can examine the Settlement Rights Record online. Only by following/following a few steps will you be able to see it.

  • You must first visit the Settlement Rights Record’s official website to view it.
  • On the home page, there is a Settlement Rights Record option; select it.
  • Now you have to select District, Tehsil, Village, Record, Khasra, and Record Number options on the new page.
  • Fill out the captcha code after that, then click the submit button.
  • The land settlement record will now be displayed to you in its entirety on the screen.
  • You can view a copy of the Settlement Rights Record in this way. You store it on your computer or mobile device. You can print it out as well.

How To View The Scanned Copy Of Settlement Nistar Sheet On Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal?

The Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Record Portal contains an online scanned copy of the settlement nistar. The steps for obtaining a settlement nistar copy are listed below.

  • You must first go to the Settlement Nistar Sheet’s official website to view a scanned copy of it.
  • When you arrive to the home page of MP Bhulekh’s official website, you must select the Settlement Nistar (Scan) option. You have two choices after picking the item.
  • Find the scanned copy of the settlement agreement first.
  • The settlement record must be an authentic copy, second.
  • You will only be able to locate scanned copies here. Choose the first choice as a result. (By going to the Tehsil, you can obtain the certified copy.)
  • You must now choose from the District, Tehsil, Village, Record, Khasra, and Record Number options on the new page.
  • Please click the submit button after entering the captcha code.
  • On the screen in front of you will now emerge a scanned copy of the Bhoomi Settlement Nistar record.

In this method, the MP Bhulekh land record portal allows you to view a copy of the settlement nistar record online. You store it on your computer or mobile device. You can print it out as well.

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How To Get Pajshala Khasra (Scan) Copy On Bhulekh MP Portal?

  • Visit Bhulekh MP’s official website first.
  • After arriving at the main page, you must choose Pajshala Khasra (Scan).
  • If you want to find a copy of the Pajshala Khasra (scan), the option will now appear in front of you; select yes.
  • You will now be taken to a new page where you must choose your district, tehsil, village, record, and page number for the measles case.
  • After that, enter the captcha code and press the below-listed submit button.
  • You will now see a copy of Pajshala Khasra (Scan) in front of you.

How To Register Public User On Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh?

You can register for a public user account on the Bhulekh MP Portal by using the steps outlined below.

  • You must first visit Bhulekh mp’s official website to register as a public user.
  • After arriving at the home page, select the option to register as a public user.
  • A registration form will appear in front of you after selecting this option. where some general information and correspondence details will be requested.
  • The registration form requires you to enter an active mobile number at the bottom. After that, select Get OTP next to the mobile number.
  • You’ll get an OTP on your cellphone number. Here, you need to confirm it.
  • Fill out the captcha code after that, then select Register.
  • Your registration on the Bhulekh MP Portal will be successful. Here, you’ll receive a User ID and password. which you must keep the login for future use.

How To File Complaint / Grievance On Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal?

You can file an online complaint if you are having issues with any of the work being done on the Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal. To register for the grant online, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit MP Bhulekh Portal’s official website first before filing a complaint.
  • You must select the “Grievance” option that is located on the home page of Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh’s official website.
  • The complaint form will now open in front of you, and you must fill it out completely.
  • You will need to fill out a form with information such your name, phone number, email address, the sort of application you are making, the problem you are having, the district, tehsil, and village where the complaint is being made, as well as any supporting documentation.
  • Following this, you select the Send OTP button below after completing the captcha code.
  • After that, you’ll get an OTP on your phone; enter it there and click the Verify button.
  • The complaint against your MP Bhulekh will be submitted in this manner. A complaint number can be found here.
  • The complaint number should be kept close at hand because you will later be able to determine its status using this complaint number.


The Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal 2023 is a great resource for land information in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Citizens can use the portal to search for and view details about their property, including ownership information, map coordinates, and scanned documents related to the property. 

The portal is easy to use and provides up-to-date information about land records in Madhya Pradesh. I highly recommend using the Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal 2023 if you need information about land records in this Indian state.

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