Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Kharif Online Registration 2022-23

Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Kharif Online Registration 2022-23 | MP e-Uparjan Kharif Registration Online

Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Kharif Online Registration

The MP E Uparjan website, an e-procurement portal, allows farmers in Madhya Pradesh to register. Read on to know about the Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Kharif online registration 2022-23. 

The Madhya Pradesh government has established an online site called the Madhya Pradesh E-procurement Portal to allow farmers in the state to sell them any crop at the minimum support price. If you are a farmer, you can register your crop online through the e-uparjan portal. 

Once registered, you can sell your product to the government directly for the minimum support price. You must transport the paddy or bajra to the nearest government-run grain purchase facility for this. 

This website functions similarly to the e-kray pranali of the Uttar Pradesh government. Your grains are purchased here for the government-set minimum support price.

Madhya Pradesh e-Earnings

The Madhya Pradesh government launched the e-procurement platform to help all of the state’s farmers. The government purchases food grains for the Rabi and Kharif seasons from farmers in each district of the state via this gateway, including rice, gram, jowar, bajra, mustard, lentils, and wheat. 

It is significant that the government sets a minimum price for all food grains every year. This price is known as the Minimum Support Price, or MSP (Minimum Support Price).

Any interested farmer in the state who wishes to sell his crop to the government at this price can register his produce through the Madhya Pradesh e-Uparjan Portal, and then he can travel to his local government procurement facility and sell it there. 

Rabi period or Below is a list of all the procedures needed to finish the online registration process for the Kharif season. If you are having trouble doing so, use this list as a reference. Utilizing the steps below, you can register online.

MP e-Uparjan 2022 Highlights (Brief Details)

Portal NameMadhya Pradesh E-Procurement 
year 2022
launched by Madhya Pradesh government 
concerned stateState government 
Beneficiary Farmers of Madhya Pradesh State
purpose Farmer registration for selling crops at Minimum Support Price (MSP).
official websiteMP E Uparjan

What Is The Minimum Support Price?

Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Kharif Online Registration

The government sets a minimum price for all grains, known as the Minimum Support Price (MSP), which is the price at which it purchases any crop from farmers. The minimum support price for all food grains is set annually by the central government. The list of pricing set by the government for Ravi seasons 2021–2022 and 2022–2023 is provided below.

crop nameMSP for ravi 2021-22 (Rs. / quintal)MSP for Ravi 2022-23 (Rs. / quintal)Production Cost 2022 -23 (Rs. / quintal)Increase in MSP

Note: The MSP is set annually by the government; state governments occasionally declare additional rates.

Objectives Of The Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Portal

  • Through the MP e-procurement platform, the government hopes to set a minimum price for the food grains that farmers raise.
  • With the development of an internet portal, farmers can easily register themselves for their crops online and then sell those crops. Farmers used to experience a lot of difficulties because they couldn’t register for themselves online.
  • The Madhya Pradesh government had to create a separate web portal because farmers who weren’t registered had to sell their crops for a lot less than the support price.
  • The government has begun the process of registering farmer’s crops on the procurement site in light of the challenges farmers encountered in selling their harvests in the previous year.
  • Once the procurement site is established, this entire procedure will be quicker and cheaper.

Benefits Of MP e-Earning

  • Farmers in Madhya Pradesh can now register their crops online from any location in the state while sitting in their houses.
  • This is available to all farmers in the state, and any farmer can use it to sell their product by signing up online.
  • A smartphone application for e-procurement can be downloaded to allow farmers to register online as well. In addition to registering, you can access any information there.
  • This portal will be used to provide farmers with all information pertaining to the sale of food grains.
  • Farmers will have access to the purchase receipt via the Aap Earning Portal.
  • Produce sales that go directly into a farmer’s bank account and pay them.

Services Available On MP e-Procurement 2022

State User 

Chief Minister’s Office Chief Secretary Office 
Food Minister Food Corporation of India 
Food Minister Madhya Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corporation (Finance)
Agricultural Production Commissioner commissioner land records 
Principal Secretary Finance Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation
Principal Secretary Revenue Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation (Finance)
Principal Secretary Cooperative Nafed 
Principal Secretary Food market board 
Principal Secretary Agriculture Apex Bank 
Cotton public relations 
Commissioner Fertilizers Madhya Pradesh Warehousing and Logistics Corporation 

MP e-Procurement 2022 Process 

  • Farmer Registration – Through the e-procurement site, farmers can register online.
  • Following receipt of the Kisan Code, the farmer’s cell phone will be texted with the registration code.
  • SMS regarding the date of crop purchase – Subsequently, a message will be received informing the farmers of the date of wheat purchase.
  • Going to the procurement center on the designated day – The farmer will now need to visit the procurement center to buy wheat.
  • Getting the transaction receipt – After buying the grain, the farmer will obtain the receipt, which will confirm that he or she has purchased wheat.
  • Receiving the payment amount – The farmers’ bank accounts will finally receive the money.

Documents Required For MP e-Procurement 2022 

  • Farmer’s Aadhar Card 
  • Farmer’s Domicile Certificate 
  • Farmer’s Composite ID
  • Farmer’s Bank Account Passbook 
  • Loan Book 
  • Mobile Number 
  • Passport Size Photograph 

Eligibility For MP e-Procurement 2022 

  • With their mobile number and Samagra ID, all farmers in the state of Madhya Pradesh can register on this website.
  • Both an ID and an Aadhar are required for the registration process. You cannot apply for this process if you lack any of the two required documents.
  • You must have a cellphone number and link that number to your Aadhaar in order to register on the MP e-procurement platform.

Important Guidelines For MP e-Procurement 2022 

  • Get registered on the MP e-procurement portal first since farmers will gain greatly from it.
  • The farmers will require a mobile number and a Samagra ID in order to enroll.
  • A farmer cannot register on this portal if he does not have a Samagra ID.
  • Farmers must submit an application for a Samagra ID.
  • Keep in mind that farmers registering online must accurately enter their bank information.
  • Only after the farmer’s cellphone number is connected to their Aadhaar will his registration be complete.
  • Farmers will receive a receipt following registration, which they must preserve. Print the acknowledgment slip after registering, and keep it with you because it will be needed when making a transaction.

How To Register Farmer Kharif Crop 2022–23 Online On MP e-Uparjan Portal?

Online registration for the Madhya Pradesh e-procurement portal’s Kharif Paddy and Bajra Kharif 2022–2023 elections By following the instructions below, you can register for yourself.

  • You must first go to the Madhya Pradesh e-procurement portal’s official website in order to register.
  • When you get to the official website, look for the Kharif 2022–2023 option and select it. You’ll see a new page appear after selecting the option.
  • You must select the Farmer Registration / Application Search option on the new page. You will now arrive at a different page after selecting the Farmer Registration / Application Search option.
  • The new page will load and present you with a form. You will be required to enter your name, mobile number, Aadhar number, Madhya Pradesh Samagra ID, bank account information, land information, etc.
  • Click the submit button after finishing the form’s fields. You will now be given a registration number, which you can record somewhere. Your online registration will be completed in this manner.

Download MP e-Uparjan 2022 Mobile App 

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your phone first.
  • Then you need to look for the mp e-procurement app there.
  • The MP e-procurement app will open as soon as you start typing MP e-procurement.
  • It must now be downloaded and installed on your mobile device.
  • You can register for an account, access information about all Rabi crops, and register for the MP e-procurement app.
  • By entering your cell number and Samagra ID number on the e-procurement portal, you can also get the link to download the MP e-Procurement Mobile App.

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Knowing The Application Status For MP e-Uparjan 2022 

  • Click on the official website to start.
  • You will see the homepage “Rabi 2021-22” once you click it.
  • A new homepage with a link for farmer registration and application search will load in front of you. Select this link.
  • You must now input your registration number here.
  • Click the search button after that. Your application’s status will now be displayed in front of you.


The Madhya Pradesh e-Procurement Kharif Online Registration process is now open for all farmers. This online registration system will allow farmers to procure various agriculture commodities such as paddy, maize, cotton, soybean, and other items through the state government portal. 

Farmers are advised to visit the official website of the department and complete the online registration form before July 10th, 2019. All necessary information regarding this process can be found on the website. We hope that this new system will help make procurement easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

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