Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022-23

Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022-23

Ration Card List Jharkhand

It is possible to verify the Jharkhand Ration Card New List online thanks to the Food Department. So, let’s read about Ration Card List Jharkhand. Now, anyone can use the website to look for a name in the list of ration cards. This page provides detailed instructions on how to locate your name in the online list.

The Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card List can be viewed on a website maintained by the Jharkhand Government’s Department of Food, Public Distribution, and Consumer Affairs. Where all Jharkhand citizens can look for a name in the list. 

The detailed article explains in detail how to locate a name in the Ration Card List Jharkhand. To avoid any issues when checking the list, read this page completely and attentively.

How To Check Ration Card List Jharkhand New List 2022-23 Online?

The list below includes every district in Jharkhand for which a ration card name list is available online. The list of all of these districts is available online, where you are.

Step-1 Go To The Web Portal Of Diet Jharkhand

The Food Department’s official web page must be accessed to view the list of ration cards.

Step-2 Select The Ration Card Details Option

As soon as you enter the Aahar Jharkhand official website, the cardholder option will appear in the menu.

Step-3 Select District And Block

The beneficiary search box for ration cards will then appear after that. Choose your district and block first here.

Step-4 Select Village/Ward

You will now have the choice between village/ward and trader. To view the Jharkhand village-specific ration card list, select the village or ward option. then decide on your ward or village. After that, submit by entering the captcha code and card type.

Step-5 Check Ration Card List Jharkhand

The ration card list for the specified village/ward will be displayed on the screen as soon as all the details have been entered and have been submitted. You may look up your name and ration card number here.

What Is The Purpose Of Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022-23?

Ration Card List Jharkhand

Whether you live in a rural or a metropolis, the government offers you access to food commodities like wheat, rice, and oil at the lowest possible cost with a Jharkhand ration card. And if you have a ration card, you will need to create one to participate in all of the government programs provided by the federal or state governments. 

You cannot enroll in any government program without a ration card. You can apply for a ration card by going to the district office closest to you or even speaking with the village chief.

Documents Of Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022-23

To apply for a Jharkhand Ration Card online, applicants will require a few key papers. You can fill out the form to apply for a Jharkhand Ration Card based on these supporting papers. These are the contents of the document:

  • Identity document or applicant’s Aadhar card. 
  • Identity document or applicant’s Aadhar card. 
  • The family should have an Aadhar card for each member.
  • A simple address proof.

Benefits Of Jharkhand E-ration Card List

  • You can purchase rations at a discount if you have a Jharkhand e-ration card.
  • Rice and wheat are available to citizens with ration cards for 2 and 3 rupees per month, respectively.
  • Depending on the family’s economic status, citizens can obtain food.
  • Your E-Ration card grants you state citizenship.
  • Driving licenses are created using voter ID.
  • Candidates from Jharkhand who want to secure a new energy connection must first present their ration card as official identification.

List Of Districts Of Ration Card List Jharkhand Is Available Online –

The list below includes every district in Jharkhand for which a ration card name list is available online. The list of all of these districts is available online, where you are.

Garhwa (Garhwa)Simdega
ChatraWest Singhbhum
HazaribaghSaraikela Kharsawan
KodermaEast Singhbhum
Ramgarh (Ramgarh)Deoghar (Deoghar)
LohardagaSahebganj (Sahibganj)

Jharkhand Ration Card Search Online 2022-23

You can also search the ration card by your name if you are unable to check the list of ration cards using the methods given above or if your name cannot be discovered. Tell people about it as well.

  • Choose the option to “Search Your Ration Card” to access the ration card name list on the aahar.jharkhand.gov.in web portal. Next, choose to Search Your Ration Card from the cardholder drop-down menu.
  • After then, the option to search for a cardholder by name will show up on the screen. Choose your district here first. Then, add your name and submit the form. like the screenshot demonstrates.
  • After choosing the district and starting a search with your name, a complete list of all the district’s ration card holders will appear. You can use your name and your father’s or husband’s name to look for your name on the list here.

How To See New Ration Card List Jharkhand From Mobile?

You may quickly see the Jharkhand Ration Card List on your mobile device as well. Follow the instructions below to check the list from a mobile device:

  • Go to aahar.jharkhand.gov.in in your mobile Chrome browser first.
  • Select the cardholder choice from the menu after that.
  • After that, choose Ration Card Details.
  • Choose from the district, block, village/ward, or dealer options.
  • By choosing the card type, enter the captcha code, and submit.

This allows you to access the Jharkhand ration card list from your mobile device.

How To Register Complaint?

If you have a complaint about the Jharkhand Ration Card, you may register it online. We’ll walk you through the process in the following simple steps:

  • Candidates should first go to aahar.jharkhand.gov.in, which is the official website.
  • The website’s home page will then appear in front of you.
  • You must select the online service option from the menu on the home page.
  • Following that, a list will appear; select “register complaint” from the list.
  • When you click, a form will appear on your screen with two options: a complaint about your ration card or a complaint about a machine. Choose the option, then select the Online Complaint button.
  • After that, a new page will load in your browser, prompting you to click Continue.
  • The form will then appear on your screen; fill it out with the necessary data and submit it.
  • The process of registering your complaint is finished in this manner.

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FAQs: Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022-23

Q 1: What Is The Jharkhand Ph Ration Card?

A 1: Priority Household (PH) and Antyodaya ration cards are now produced instead of BPL cards. Alam is that many more applications than the government had anticipated have come in for these ration cards. The administration has halted creating new cards in numerous areas, including Ranchi and Jamshedpur. Government representatives, however, view it differently.

Q 2: Which Jharkhand District Is The Richest?

A 2: One of India’s richest coal mines, with the largest amounts of coking coal of fine quality, is located in the block. It is praised for its high-quality mining and washery operations for TISCO and IISCO.

Q 3: Which Panchayat In Jharkhand Is The Biggest?

A 3: Because there are only 3 panchayats in the Garhwa block, it is thought to be the smallest block in the state. 61 panchayats are included in the Baghmara block, which is thought to be the largest.

Q 4: How Can I Search For My Jharkhand Ration Card Online Using My Name?

A 4: You can use your name to look for a name in the Jharkhand ration card list. To do this, go to the diet’s website and click the menu item labeled “Search your ration card.” After that, use the district and name to search the list.

Wrapping Up

The Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022 is an important document that every resident of the state should be aware of. This list will help you to know where your ration card stands in terms of priority and also provides information on the benefits that are available to you as a ration card holder. 

Make sure to check it regularly for updates, and if there are any discrepancies, contact your local food and civil supplies office immediately. Stay connected with us here at e-Ration Card to stay up-to-date on all things related to the Ration Card List Jharkhand 2022.

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