Satyawati College Last Year Cut Off at Previous Cut-Off marks

Satyawati College Last Year Cut Off at Previous Cut-Off marks

Satyawati College Last Year Cut Off at Delhi University Admissions Satyawati College Last Year’s Cut-Off Marks.

Satyawati College Last Year Cut Off

Satyavati College was established in 1972 by the Delhi Administration as the college is named after the famous freedom fighter Satyavati. She had actively participated in the freedom struggle along with Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Jayaprakash Narayan and Sarojini Naidu. Satyavati College is situated in a sprawling 10 acre campus in the Ashok Vihar area of ​​North Delhi.

Students are getting education in B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics, B.Com Hons, B.Com, BA (Hons) English, Economics, BA (Hons) Hindi, BA (Hons) Urdu, BA Program, BA (Hons) History, BA, (Hons) Political Science, BA, (Hons) Sanskrit.

Fully computerized and air conditioned library facility is available in the college and it has more than seventy thousand books and journals related to various subjects. Apart from books, the library also has facilities like TV, projector, internet etc. Here you will get the updates on Satyawati College Last Year CutOff so students keep coming here.

Departments under Satyawati College

Department of CommerceDepartment of Economics
Department of EnglishDepartment of Hindi
Department of HistoryDepartment of Mathematics
Department of Political ScienceDepartment of Sanskrit
Department of UrduDepartment of Physical Education

Satyawati College Highlights 2022

Establishment year1972
LocationAshok Vihar, New Delhi
Campus size10 acre
AffiliationDelhi University
Number of courses (count specialisations as well)12
Mode of educationFull-time/part-time/online/distance/evening/weekend
Modes of applicationOnline/Offline

Satyawati College Last Year Cut-Off

For admission in DU, you not only need to get good marks, but you also have to take care of many other things, so that you do not face any problem in admission as the admission process in Delhi University has been started. Not only in DU, wherever you have to take admission, before that, find out about that course, college, faculty there.

Satyawati College Last Year Cut Off

Also, with the help of a counselor or your interest, make sure that what you have to study in advance. After that get information about that course. After the release of the Satyawati College cut-off, first do all the work at home to complete the admission process.

This work includes filling the form, filling any other documents etc. so students get ready and go to fill the form in such a way that you only have to fill the form.

This mistake is often made by the students as whenever they go to any college or university for admission, they leave one or two papers at home or they do not have them.

So first prepare all the documents and carry everything at the time of admission in Satyawati College. Also, candidates should carry one photo copy and original copy each with them.

Many times you are not able to get admission in the Satyawati College due to some reason, so always keep another plan ready for admission. With this, if you have any problem in admission, then you can fulfill your dreams in another way so students keep in touch with us.

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Satyawati College Fifth Cutoff 2021

B. Sc. (H) Mathematicsclosedclosed86.5837591.75NA
B. A. (H) Economics95.7588.5closed726092.5NA
B. A. (H) Englishclosed8986857390NA
B. A. (H) Hindiclosedclosedclosed65closedclosedNA
B. A. (H) History92.5closedclosed8390.590NA
B. A. (H) Political scienceclosedclosedclosedclosedclosed89NA
B. A. (H) Sanskritclosedclosed454545closedNA
B. A. (H) Urduclosed5046454652NA
B. Com9388.25closedclosedclosed91.5NA
B. Com (H)closed9083726392.5NA
B. A. Programme (English + Economics)93.588closedclosed68closedNA
B. A. Programme (English + History)closedclosedclosedclosed80closedNA
B. A. Programme (English + Political science)94closedclosedclosedclosedclosedNA
B. A. Programme (Hindi + History)closedclosedclosed80closed87NA
B. A. Programme (Hindi + Political science)closedclosedclosed81closed89NA
B. A. Programme (Sanskrit + History)closedclosedclosed74.5closed79.5NA
B. A. Programme (Sanskrit + Political science)closedclosedclosed76.574.581.5NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + History)closedclosedclosedclosed69closedNA
B. A. Programme (Economics + Mathematics)closedclosed82closed69closedNA
B. A. Programme (Economics + OMSP)closed84.579closedclosed85NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + Political science)closedclosedclosedclosed72closedNA
B. A. Programme (History + Mathematics)89closed82.57268closedNA
B. A. Programme (History + Political science)closedclosedclosedclosedclosed92NA
B. A. Programme (Mathematics + OMSP)closed83.579726886NA
B. A. Programme (Mathematics + Political science)89.58784.57569closedNA

Satyawati College Fourth Cutoff 2021

B. Sc. (H) Mathematicsclosed9288857992.5NA
B. A. (H) Economicsclosed9080756594NA
B. A. (H) English949087867492NA
B. A. (H) Hindiclosedclosedclosed70closedclosedNA
B. A. (H) History93closedclosed84.581.5closedNA
B. A. (H) Political science9591closedclosed8491NA
B. A. (H) Sanskritclosed5045454551NA
B. A. (H) Urduclosed5448474755NA
B. Com9489.75closedclosedclosed92.5NA
B. Com (H)95.591.5closed746694NA
B. A. Programme (English + Economics)closedclosedclosedclosed69closedNA
B. A. Programme (English + History)closedclosedclosedclosed81closedNA
B. A. Programme (English + Political science)closedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedNA
B. A. Programme (Hindi + History)closedclosedclosed82closed88NA
B. A. Programme (Hindi + Political science)closedclosedclosed82closed90NA
B. A. Programme (Sanskrit + History)80787675closed80NA
B. A. Programme (Sanskrit + Political science)closedclosedclosed77closed82NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + History)closedclosedclosedclosed70closedNA
B. A. Programme (Economics + Mathematics)91closed83757088NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + OMSP)closed8581736986NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + Political science)closedclosedclosedclosed73closedNA
B. A. Programme (History + Mathematics)908483747088NA
B. A. Programme (History + Political science)closedclosedclosedclosedclosed92.5NA
B. A. Programme (Mathematics + OMSP)8884.581746987NA
B. A. Programme (Mathematics + Political science)90closedclosedclosed70closedNA

Satyawati College Third Cutoff 2021

B.A (H) Economics96.7592.5084787095.50NA
B.A (H) English969288.75887694.50NA
B.A (H) Hindi Closed Closed Closed 74Closed 78NA
B.A (H) History93.50Closed 85.5085.5082.5090.50NA
B.A (H) Political ScienceClosed Closed 87.50Closed 8593NA
B.A (H) SanskritClosed 5251504956NA
B.A (Hons.) Urdu635651494960NA
B.Com95.5090.75Closed 756493.50NA
B.Com (H) 979384777090.50NA
B.Sc (H) Mathematics94.509389878393.50NA
B.A (Prog.) English + EconomicsClosed Closed 84Closed 7191NA
B.A (Prog.) English + History9388868483ClosedNA
B.A (Prog.) English + Political ScienceClosed Closed Closed 85Closed 92NA
B.A (Prog.) Hindi + History91858484Closed 90NA
B.A (Prog.) Hindi + Political Science9287Closed 84Closed 91NA
B.A (Prog.) Sanskrit + History85818078Closed 83NA
B.A (Prog.) Sanskrit + Political Science85818078Closed 83NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + History938785767291NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + MathematicsClosed88Closed 777291NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + OMSP908684767189NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + Political ScienceClosed Closed Closed Closed ClosedClosed NA
B.A (Prog.) History + Mathematics928785777291NA
B.A (Prog.) History + Political ScienceClosed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed NA
B.A (Prog.) Mathematics + OMSP9287.5084777291NA
B.A (Prog.). Mathematics + Political Science938885777291NA

Satyawati College Second Cutoff 2021

BA (H) Economics97.75-97.9996.75-96.9993.75-93.9984.75-84.9979.75-79.9974.75-74.99
BA (H) English97.50-98.4995-96.9993-94.9989-89.9989-89.99Closed
BA (H) Hindi85-89.9983-87.9982-87.9980-83.9978-81.99Closed
BA (H) History94-94.9991-91.9988-88.9986-86.9986-86.9983-83.99
BA (H) Political Science96-97.9995-96.9993-93.9989-89.9989-89.99closed
BA (H) Sanskritclosed59.50-59.9956-57.9956-56.9953-54.9950-51.99
BA (H) Urdu66-69.9964-67.9960-64.9955-59.9953-57.9950-54.99
B.Sc.(H) Mathematics96-97.9995-96.9994-95.9990-91.9989-90.9986-87.99
BA (P) English + Economics94-96.9992-93.9989-90.9986-87.9973-74.99
BA (P) English + History95-96.9989-90.9987-87.9986-86.9985-86.99
BA (P) English + Political Science95-96.9993-93.9989-90.9987-87.9986-86.9985-86.99
BA (P) Hindi + History94-96.9992-93.9988-90.9986-87.9985-86.9985-86.99
BA (P) Hindi + Political Science94-96.9992-93.9988-90.9986-87.9985-86.9985-86.99
BA (P) Economics + History95-96.9993-93.9989-90.9987-87.9979-79.9974-74.99
BA (P) Economics + Mathematics94-96.9992-93.9989-90.9986-87.9978-79.9974-74.99
BA (P) Economics + OMSP94-96.9992-93.9989-90.9986-87.9978-79.9973-74.99
BA (P) Economics + Political Science95-96.9993-93.9989-90.9987-87.99Closed 74-74.99
BA (P) History + Mathematics 94-96.9992-93.9989-90.9986-87.9978-79.9973-74.99
BA (P) History + Political Science95-96.9993-93.99ClosedClosedClosedClosed
BA (P) Mathematics + OMSP94-96.9992-93.9989-90.9986-87.9978-79.9973-74.99
BA (P) Mathematics + Political Science94-96.9992-93.9989-90.9986-87.9978-79.9973-74.99
BA (P) Sanskrit + History85-89.9986-87.9984-85.9982-83.9980-81.9975-76.99
BA (P) Sanskrit + Political Science88-89.9986-87.9984-85.9982-83.9980-81.9975-76.99

Satyawati College First Cutoff 2021

B. Sc. (Hons) Home science92.0090.0087.0087.0087.0092.0092.00
B. Sc (Hons.) Mathematics96.0092.0089.0089.0092.0096.0096.00

Satyawati College Special Drive Cutoff 2021

B.A (H) Economics Closed 87.50Closed Closed 6091.50NA
B.A (H) English 93.50 8784837186NA
B.A (H) Hindi 85Closed Closed 60Closed Closed NA
B.A (H) History 92Closed Closed 82.50Closed 89.50NA
B.A (H) Political Science 94.50 Closed Closed 88Closed 88NA
B.A (H) Sanskrit Closed4645454556NA
B.A (H) Urdu Closed 4645454547NA
B.Com Closed 87.25Closed Closed Closed 88.75NA
B.Com (H) 9487.5081685890NA
B.Sc (H) Mathematics 93.75 9184807191.25NA
B.A (Prog.) English + Economics93.25 87.7583.75Closed 67ClosedNA
B.A (Prog.) English + History Closed Closed Closed Closed79ClosedNA
B.A (Prog.) English + Political Science Closed Closed Closed 84.50Closed Closed NA
B.A (Prog.) Hindi + History 90.50 Closed Closed 79Closed 86NA
B.A (Prog.) Hindi + Political Science Closed Closed Closed 80Closed 88.50NA
B.A (Prog.) Sanskrit + History Closed77.75Closed 73.50Closed 78NA
B.A (Prog.) Sanskrit + Political Science Closed Closed Closed 757380.50NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + History Closed Closed Closed 7568Closed NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + Mathematics Closed 8781Closed 67Closed NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + OMSPClosed Closed 77Closed Closed 84NA
B.A (Prog.) Economics + Political Science 94.75 Closed Closed Closed 70Closed NA
B.A (Prog.) History + Mathematics Closed Closed 81.50706687NA
B.A (Prog.) History + Political Science Closed Closed ClosedClosed Closed ClosedNA
B.A (Prog.) Mathematics + OMSP Closed 7774676382NA
B.A (Prog) Mathematics + Political Science Closed 85837367Closed NA

Satyawati College 2nd Special Drive Cutoff 2021

B. Sc. (H) Mathematics9388.580746589NA
B. A. (H) Economicsclosed85closedclosed5889NA
B. A. (H) English92.58582816788NA
B. A. (H) Hindiclosedclosedclosed55closedclosedNA
B. A. (H) History90closedclosed80closed88NA
B. A. (H) Political science92closedclosed85closed86NA
B. A. (H) Sanskritclosedclosedclosed454550NA
B. A. (H) Urduclosed4545454545NA
B. Comclosed82.25closedclosedclosed83.75NA
B. Com (H)8982.57663.55385NA
B. A. Programme (English + Economics)closed8482closed6570NA
B. A. Programme (English + History)closedclosedclosedclosed75closedNA
B. A. Programme (English + Political science)closedclosedclosed80closedclosedNA
B. A. Programme (Hindi + History)84closedclosed75closed85NA
B. A. Programme (Hindi + Political science)closedclosedclosed75closed87NA
B. A. Programme (Sanskrit + History)closed75closed70closed77NA
B. A. Programme (Sanskrit + Political science)closedclosedclosed707078NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + History)closedclosedclosedclosed65closedNA
B. A. Programme (Economics + Mathematics)closed8478closed65closedNA
B. A. Programme (Economics + OMSP)closedclosed75closedclosed85NA
B. A. Programme (Economics + Political science)92closedclosedclosed70closedNA
B. A. Programme (History + Mathematics)closedclosed80626085NA
B. A. Programme (History + Political science)closedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedNA
B. A. Programme (Mathematics + OMSP)closed7470626080NA
B. A. Programme (Mathematics + Political science)closedclosed807062closedNA

Satyawati College Cut Off Marks for the Year 2020

Name of CourseCut Off Marks
Bachelor of Arts (Prog.)93
Bachelor of Arts (Prog.) with Sanskrit88
B.Com. (Honors)96
B.Com. (Prog.)94
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Economics95
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) English94.50
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Hindi84
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) History92
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Mathematics95.50
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Political Science93
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Sanskrit60
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Urdu60

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FAQs about Satyawati College Last Year Cut Off

When will the officials of the Satyawati College releases the cut off list for the Year 2022?

The officials of the Satyawati College will release the cut off list for the Year 2022 in the coming weeks.

In which course can we get admission in Satyawati College?

In all the courses like UG and PG you can get the admission in Satyawati College.

What is the fee structure for the UG courses in Satyawati College?

To know about the fee structure for the UG courses in Satyawati College you should contact the officials of the Satyawati College.

Is Satyawati good for B.COM?

In class 12th, it was the best college for students who scored 88-92%. Placements: More than half of the students from our B.Com course got placed. The highest salary package offered is 9 LPA, the lowest salary package offered is around 1.5 LPA, and the average salary package offered is 3-4.5 LPA.

What is the placement status of Satyawati College?

It is the best college for students who scored 88-92% in class 12th. Placements: Almost 60% of the students from our B.Com course got placed. The highest salary package offered is 9 LPA, the lowest salary package offered is around 1.5 LPA, and the average salary package offered is 3-4.5 LPA.

Does Satyawati College has NCC?

The New Delhi headquarters of the National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps. On a voluntary basis, it is open to both school and college students.

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