Telegram Cloud Storage: How And Why To Use It? [2023]

Telegram Cloud Storage
Telegram Cloud Storage

You need to look no further than Telegram if you’re looking for a trustworthy and cost-free cloud storage provider. A simple and safe method to keep all of your critical data, including pictures, documents, and videos, is provided by this well-known messaging software. You can access your files with Telegram Cloud Storage from any location without having to be concerned about running out of room on your smartphone.

For those who wish to keep their data safe and secure online, using cloud storage has become a must. You may clear up space on your local device, share files with others, sync data across various platforms, and back up crucial data by saving your files in the cloud. All of these capabilities and more are available with Telegram Cloud Storage.

Hence, think about utilizing Telegram Cloud Storage if you’re seeking a trustworthy and practical solution to keep your data online. For anybody who wishes to keep their data secure and accessible, this is the ideal choice because of its limitless storage space and cutting-edge security measures.

How Can Telegram Be Used For Cloud Storage? 

With its straightforward user interface, using Telegram as daily cloud storage makes keeping your data organized quite simple.

Just upload your file to the Telegram messenger, and it will be kept on the Telegram servers so you can access it from any location and on any device.

Just adhere to the instructions listed below to submit your files to Telegram and take use of its storage features.

Steps For How To Use Telegram Cloud Storage

1. Sign Up For A Telegram Account 

Make an account on Telegram using your cellphone number first. Skip this step if you already have one built.

In Telegram, you may use online storage in one of two ways.

  • How to use a Telegram bot:

You may utilize the bot MyCloudStorage or use BotFather to build your own Telegram bot.

  • How to Use Stored Messages:

Use Telegram’s Saved Messages conversation instead of a Bot if utilizing one seems sketchy or cumbersome. That is a simpler and more useful approach, and I personally employ it.

2. Choose The Document To Save Online

Choose the files you wish to upload to the servers hosting Telegram by going to your device’s storage. Moreover, you may upload and share files by using the clip () option.

Here, you have a wide range of options for choosing your file type. It is these-

Contact, Location, File, and Gallery.

3. Send The File To The Bot Or Stored Messages

Just share the file with the Bot’s already-produced Saved Messages after choosing the file to store on Telegram. That’s all; you can now view your file, which has been successfully saved to Telegram’s cloud storage servers.

Reasons Why Using Telegram Cloud Storage Is A Great Option For Storing Your Files:

Telegram Cloud Storage
Telegram Cloud Storage

Wide File Type Support:

It is simple to store and retrieve many sorts of files thanks to Telegram’s cloud storage, which supports a wide range of file formats without any compatibility difficulties.

Large File Size Limit:

Without having to worry about file size limitations, you may store files up to 1.5 GB in size, which is more than enough for the majority of users.

Multi-Device Support:

You may use Telegram to access your files on any platform, including Android, iOS, and Windows. You may enjoy having your data synchronized between devices thanks to the app’s support for many devices. You can use the Telegram app for mobile, install it from the Microsoft Store or access the desktop version through any browser.

Simple And Easy-To-Use:

Telegram makes it considerably easier to save and access data than other cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can keep your data in conversations rather than having to first connect to another storage account and then upload the file there. The user-friendly interface of Telegram makes it simple to maintain and access your files.

 Types Of Files You Can Store On Telegram:

  1. Photos and Images: Images may be stored in your device’s storage or captured using your phone’s camera.
  2. Text Notes: To rapidly capture vital information that may be stored in your Saved Messages as a text message, Telegram can be used as a digital notebook.
  3. Songs and Voice Notes: To keep your music and voice memos synchronized on Telegram Cloud Storage, add them to your Saved Messages. Music from Telegram Music Channels may also be saved.
  4. Videos and Movies: Video and movie downloads and storage are also supported by Telegram.
  5. Links and URLs: To access saved messages from other devices, provide links to them. Just erase them when you’re finished with them.
  6. Contacts: Just follow the instructions above to save contacts on Telegram.
  7. Locations: Every place in the world, including your current position, may be saved for later access.
  8. Other Files: Every place in the world, including your current position, may be saved for later access.

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Telegram Cloud Storage: Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: How much storage capacity is offered by Telegram Cloud Storage?

A1: Since Telegram Cloud Storage offers limitless storage, you may keep as many files as you like without having to worry about running out of room.

Q2: How can I get to the Telegram Cloud Storage? 

A2: Open the app and choose the “Saved Messages” option to access Telegram Cloud Storage. You may then save files there and access them on any device that has Telegram installed.

Q3: Is Telegram Cloud Storage a secure and reliable service?

A3: Since Telegram Cloud Storage employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard user data, it is regarded as a secure cloud storage choice. Nonetheless, using secure passwords and avoiding disclosing critical information on any online platform are always advised.


To sum up, Telegram Cloud Storage is a fantastic free cloud service that enables users to store and access a variety of items, including pictures, videos, music, text notes, links, contacts, and more. Telegram Cloud Storage is a practical substitute for other cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox with a 1.5GB file size restriction and multi-platform compatibility.

Moreover, it provides a seamless Telegram messaging connection, making it simpler to save and transfer files through conversations. Telegram Cloud Storage is a dependable and safe choice to take into account whether you want to free up storage space on your smartphone, keep your data synchronized across many devices, or take backups of your vital data.

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