NASA released an audio clip of a black hole, and it's pretty spooky

Although there isn't much to hear in space, NASA has discovered that black holes make sounds that resemble the wails and moans of spectral aliens.

In a tweet on Monday, NASA's exoplanet programmes Twitter account published an audio clip of eerie noises made by pressure waves that travel from a black hole through a group of galaxies.

Watch the audio clip below to hear the unsettling sounds of black-hole pressure reverberating around the Perseus galaxy cluster.

"The majority of space is a vacuum, so sound waves cannot travel there, which is where the myth that there is no sound in space comes from.

There is so much gas in a galaxy cluster that we have detected genuine sound, "NASA's Twitter account said.

However, the real sound is 57 octaves below middle C, which is beyond the range of human hearing.

Inaudible sounds that were represented by waves in the Perseus cluster that were visible in X-rays were recorded by the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

The noises were then scaled up by NASA from their original pitch to something audible. That is an increase of 144 and 288 quadrillion times over their original frequency, respectively.