Sidhu Moosewala's family raises objection to Salim Merchant releasing song of the late singer

The family of the late Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala has protested the publication of a song that was co-written by Salim Merchant and recorded with vocalist Afsana Khan.

Salim Merchant, a composer for Bollywood, revealed on Thursday that this song would be released on September 2.

Sidhu Balkaur Singh Sidhu, Moosewala's father, and Chamkaur Singh Sidhu, his uncle, claimed that they had not been asked for permission to distribute the song.

"Sir, Salam We all genuinely appreciate you. But the family of @ sidhumoosewala has not yet given their approval for this release.

We have asked you repeatedly, even when you wanted to release the song just 3–4 days after Shubh veer passed away.

In those circumstances, Shubh veer's father saab had also requested that you postpone any release so that the family could take some time to talk to you about the project in detail

While we are already saddened by a number of people releasing unpublished and leaked music

we are hoping to have the support from, I would sincerely ask you with folded hands that