What Is The Population Of India? Bharat Ki Jansankhya Kitni Hai

What Is The Population Of India? Bharat Ki Jansankhya Kitni Hai

What Is The Population Of India?

When it comes to population, India is second only to China. But, read on to know if you want to know exactly what is the population of India. Let us first inform you that the census was conducted in 2011 and that 138 crore people were living in India as of that date, with 6,23,700,000 men and 58,64,00,000 women. This article will tell you what the population of India is. 

The recent drop in India’s growth rate can be linked to the country’s expanding urbanization, rising levels of education, particularly among women, and the reduction of poverty.

India’s population growth has slowed noticeably over the past several years, but it is still expanding faster than China. By 2026, when both countries will have around 1.46 billion people, India is predicted to overtake China in terms of population. India is anticipated to overtake China as the world’s most populated nation after 2030.

Every time we talk about India, the first thing that comes to our mind is its population. India is one of the most populated countries in the world and this has led to several problems for the country. 

But what is the actual population of India? And how does it compare to other countries? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at India’s population and see how it stacks up against other countries.

What Is The Population Of India?

The current population of India is 1,407,589,356 as of July 27, 2022, based on interpolation of the latest United Nations data. The population of India is projected at 1,393,409,038 or 1.39 billion or 1393.4 million or 139 crore as of July 1, 2021.

India Population Clock

India Population (as of 7/30/2022)1,417,284,809
Last UN Estimate (July 1, 2022)1,417,173,173
Births per Day12,627
Deaths per Day7,044
Migrations per Day-267
Net Change per Day5,316
Population Change Since Jan. 11,116,360

Current Population Of India

Current India Population 2022 in Billion1,388,052,928 (1.38 billion) As of January 7, 2022
India’s population 2022 in crores1,388,052,928 (138 crore)
Total Male Population in India716,790,532 (71.6 millions)
Total No of Females in India671,262,395 (67.1 millions)
Sex Ratio948 females per 1,000 males
Age structure
0 to 25 years50% of India’s current population
Currently, there are about 51 births in India in a minute.

Bharat Jansankhya According To Different Religions

Name of religionPopulation percentage
Hindu 79.8%
Sikh1.72 %
Buddhist0.7 %
Islam14.2 %
Jain0.37 %
Christian2.3 %
followers of other religions0.9 %

India’s Population State-Wise 2022

Here, we’ll provide you with state-by-state population data for India. The name of the state, the total population based on the 2011 census data, and the projected population for 2022 are all listed in the table below. See the details in the following table to acquire all the details:

State nameAs per Census Report 2011(Total Population)RegionPopulation density
Uttar Pradesh199,812,341240,928 km828/ km
West Bengal91,347,73688,752 km1,029/ km
A state in Eastern India103,804,63794,163 km1,102/ km2
Maharashtra112,372,972307,713 km365/ km
Tamil Nadu72,138,958130,058 km555/ km2
Madhya Pradesh72,597,565308,245 km236/ km
Karnataka61,130,704191,791 km319/ km
Gujarat60,383,628196,024 km308/ km
Andra Pradesh49,386,799162,968 km303/ km2
Rajasthan68,621,012342,239 km201/ km
Telangana35,286,757114,840 km307/ km
Kerala33,387,67738,863 km859/ km
Jharkhand32,966,23879,714 km414/ km
Assam31,169,27278,438 km397/ km
Punjab27,704,23650,362 km550/ km2
Odisha41,947,358155,707 km269/ km
Jammu and Kashmir12,548,926222,236 km57/ km
Chhattisgarh25,540,196135,191 km189/ km
Haryana25,353,08144,212 km573/ km2
Himachal Pradesh6,864,60255,673 km123/ km
Tripura3,671,03210,486 km350/ km
Uttarakhand10,116,75253,483 km189/ km
Manipur2,721,75622,327 km122/ km
Goa1,457,7233,702 km394/ km
Nagaland1,980,60216,579 km119/ km
Meghalaya2,964,00722,429 km132/ km
Sikkim607,6887,096 km86/ km
Mizoram1,091,01421,081 km52/ km
Arunachal Pradesh1,382,611

India Population 1995-2022

Chart and table of India’s population from 1995 to 2022. United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100.

  • The current population of India in 2022 is 1,417,173,173, a 0.68% increase from 2021.
  • The population of India in 2021 was 1,407,563,842, a 0.8% increase from 2020.
  • The population of India in 2020 was 1,396,387,127, a 0.96% increase from 2019.
  • The population of India in 2019 was 1,383,112,050, a 1.03% increase from 2018.
YearPopulationGrowth Rate

India Population Projections

As the years go by, India’s population continues to increase rather consistently. Most significantly, it is expanding faster than China’s population. Around 2024, India is anticipated to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation; but, like China, India’s growth is anticipated to stagnate and eventually slow in the second half of the twenty-first century.

Projected India Population (As Of 1st March 2011-2026)


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FAQs – What Is The Population Of India?

Q 1: What Proportion Of The World’s Population Is Made Up Of India’s Population?

A 1: Let us remind you that India’s population represents 17.7% of the world’s total population.

Q 2: Which Indian State Has The Least Population?

A 2: The least populated state in India is Sikkim.

Q 3: What Will Happen As India’s Population Grows?

A 3: The scale of issues like unemployment and hunger will likewise grow as the nation’s population rises. Fewer employment options will exist.

Q 4: Which Indian State Has The Second-Largest Population?

A 4: Maharashtra is the second-most populous state.

Q 5: What Position Does India Have Globally In Terms Of Population?

A 5: India is the second most populous country in the world.


India is a country with a population of over 1.3 billion people, making it the second most populous country in the world. While this vast population can be seen as a challenge, it also represents a huge opportunity for businesses that can tap into the market. 

We’ve got all the stats on India’s population that you need to know. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for “what is the population of India?” Thanks for reading.

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