16+ Best Share Market Telegram Channels In 2023 (Updated)

Best Share Market Telegram Channels
Best Share Market Telegram Channels In 2023

Are you interested in the share market but don’t know how to get the right information about it? In this article, we will tell you the 16 Best Share Market Telegram Channels in 2023 which will give you genuine information. So, stay tuned till the end. 

Telegram is a fantastic tool that serves as both a messaging network and a global information platform. This is possible as a result of all the new Telegram and group channels that have appeared.

These Best Share Market Telegram Channels were developed with quite distinct goals in mind. However, the amount of data or accessibility is still a feature that connects them all.

What Are Telegram Channels?

Telegram channels are one-sided conversational spaces where the admins can publish messages on behalf of the participants. The messages can be read by the members, who can then respond. Yet, they are unable to transmit messages on the channels because channel admins alone have the authority to do so.

The function was first made available by the instant messaging app in 2015, and it was an original idea. Although chat rooms and discussion forums have existed in the past, the idea of a channel-based system was still new.

The majority of the top Telegram channels that we’ve listed were developed for a variety of objectives, including entertainment, instruction, information sharing, and more.

List Of 14+ Best Share Market Telegram Channels In 2023

The major reason stock market channels are becoming more and more popular is that you can find all the information on stocks and some trading advice in one place.

It cannot be simple to select the best channel for you when there are hundreds available. We have selected some of the top Best Share Market Telegram Channels for you as a head start.

Channel NameLink
Market Chartists Research Join Channel
Stock Gainers(SEBI REGISTERED)Join Channel
Stocks Time(SEBI REGISTERED)Join Channel
Stock Share Market Trading TipJoin Channel
Stock Market UpdatesJoin Channel
Stock market news liveJoin Channel
Stocktwits IndiaJoin Channel
StockTwits IndiaJoin Channel
NRJ FinanceJoin Channel
Vijay Wealth Advisor PositionalJoin Channel
Stock Market [Bombay Stock Market]Join Channel
Usha’s AnalysisJoin Channel
Options Intraday Banknifty BullsJoin Channel
Elite TradersJoin Channel
Minish Patel 3MPJoin Channel
Stock PhoenixJoin Channel

Best Channel – Market Chartists Research (SEBI CERTIFIED ANALYST)

1. Stock Gainers (SEBI REGISTERED)

Stock Gainers is the Best Advisory Platform to trade with. If you are new to the market or have any prior trading experience Stock Gainers is best for you.  The best part is they keep complete transparency and no false claims like there are many fraud telegram channels.

Plus you can rely on them because they are SEBI REGISTERED. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve – join their Telegram channel today and start seeing the benefits for yourself!


  • Free calls in Cash, OPTIONS, FUTURES, and Commodity.
  • Tips from SEBI Registered Research Analyst
  • Proper guidance on Buy And selling targets.


Looking for reliable and timely tips for trading in the options segment of the stock market? Look no further than the Stocks Time Telegram channel! t They provide daily insights and analysis to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, their tips can help you upgrade your trading experience. Join their channel today and start seeing the benefits for yourself! Don’t wait – appreciate the value of our tips and join now.


  • As they say, you will get the RIGHT STOCKS AT the RIGHT TIME
  • Focused trades in options especially Nifty and BankNifty trades

3. Stock Share Market Trading Tip

One of the Best Share Market Telegram Channels is Stock Share Market Trading Tip. They provide the best trading advice so that you can increase your profits. You will receive calls based on fundamental and technical analysis that are entirely free. Also, you can speak with their team of specialists about your concerns.

  • Tips for trading the stock market
  • Nifty & Bank Nifty jackpot calls
  • Positional and swing calls
  • Free intraday calls and tips

4. Stock Market Updates

This channel is for all global news and updates on finance and the economy.

Also, they provide a wealth of suggestions, tried-and-true techniques, and stock market news for educational purposes. They offer live trading strategy seminars in addition to market news.

  • High accuracy
  • Live market sessions
  • Best Strategies 

5. Stock market news lives

You can subscribe to the well-liked Telegram channel for stock market news live. You can employ the services of a qualified analyst team through this channel.

In addition to their free services, they also provide premium services like entry goal, SL alerts, entry target, and 5–6 Sureshot calls each day for the Bank Nifty and stock options.

  • Telephonic support
  • Accuracy 95%
  • Minimum capital: 5-10k 

6. StockTwits India

The World’s Largest Community of Investors and Traders is Stocktwits India. The best Telegram channel for trading BankNifty options is Stocktwits India, which offers free options advice with accurate stop-loss and target levels. Besides this, it is available on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Small capital required
  • 1-2 calls daily
  • Best trading ideas
  • Provide market watchlist

7. CapitalVia – Stocks

CapitalVia Global Research Limited is an unbiased investment adviser registered with SEBI (Investment Adviser). There are 71k happy channel subscribers. You may get professional guidance on trading futures, options, stocks, and equities options as well as bank nifty options here.

  • High Accuracy
  • Regular market updates
  • Expert tips and advice

8. NRJ Finance

This channel was intended to share stock and mutual fund expertise. They provide regular market updates and calls with appropriate entry and exit levels in addition to advice. They have begun a paid Whatsapp subscription that offers services including chart analysis, short-term and long-term positional calls, and F&O calls. 

  • Discussion on portfolio queries
  • Free intraday calls
  • Nifty and Banknifty tips

9. Vijay Wealth Advisor Positional

In 2006, the Indian Securities and Exchange Board (SEB) established the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), a public trust. (SEBI). One of the top Telegram stock market tipsters, Vijay Wealth Advisor Positional is certified by NISM. They provide free magical positioning calls and routinely update all market information.

  • Free positional calls
  • 19k subscribers
  • Provides educational content

10. Stock Market [Bombay Stock Market]

This is another well-liked Telegram stock market channel. Regular updates, trading advice, methods, recorded videos, audio messages, and occasionally group calls are provided. Also, they update the markets for Indian stocks, US stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies.

  • Live Market Support
  • All updates
  • Jackpot and Loss Recovery calls
  • Daily 4-5 sure bank nifty trades

11. Usha’s Analysis

Another of the top stock trading Telegram channels is Usha’s Analysis. This channel actively offers investment calls. More than a lakh people subscribe to them. Here, you may find stock market recommendations and professional assistance.

  • Stock cash/ Nifty/BNF future/index options
  • Jackpot offers
  • Regular reports on P&L

12. Options Intraday Banknifty Bulls

The fastest-expanding Telegram channel is Intraday Banknifty Bulls. They offer highly accurate intraday bank nifty calls. With their calls, you may profit the most.

Also, they provide a premium service that includes stock options trading for intraday, daily 3–4 Sureshot transactions, a suitable target and stop loss, and live market updates.

  • Personally support
  • Capital required 25-35k
  • Free trading guidance

13. Elite Traders

Due to the knowledge of their premium members, you will make a significant profit on the Elite Traders channel. The group members receive their entire support and direction from them. You will also receive stock options calls, intraday calls, and nifty and bank nifty calls.

  • 11k+ subscribers
  • Huge Profits
  • Proper Entry and Exit


The Telegram channel GHANSHYAM TECH ANALYSIS is completely free. Use their link to create a free trading account. They offer exclusive live video events to channel subscribers.

You will also receive daily market news, the best advice & tactics, and calls based on fundamental and technical research in addition to calls.

  • Not SEBI registered
  • 3.6 lac subscribers
  • Provide chart analysis
  • Bank nifty intraday support

15. Minish Patel 3MP

With 27 years of expertise, Minish Patel is a research analyst registered with SEBI. This channel features educational material, real information, and stock market advice.

Also, they provide a smartphone application for stock market learning. As a result, you can receive regular updates and free calls on both Telegram and the Mobile Application.

  • No paid services
  • Free intraday calls
  • Open an account with them and get maximum calls
  • Regular market updates

16. Stock Phoenix

Another Telegram channel with the highest growth is Stock Phoenix. “Information becomes increased when it is shared,” the stock Phoenix admin stated.

As a result, they offer live webinars on stock market knowledge where they cover topics like Cash Intraday, Delivery, Futures & Options, Forex Trading, a tried-and-true approach for trading Indian currency, Option Strategies, Trendline, Chart Patterns, etc.

  • Management Techniques
  • Calls based on fundamental and technical analysis
  • Unique Strategies to make consistent returns

Best SEBI-Registered Telegram Channels List 2023

Channel NameChannel Link
Honest Stock MarketerJoin Now
Nifty 50 & Stocks Join Now

How Are Best Share Market Telegram Channels Useful?

How Are Telegram Channels Useful
How Are Telegram Channels Useful?

  • The number of channel subscribers is unlimited. One can join them by directly looking for them or by using the live link to the best share market telegram channels given in the table above. This makes it easier to spread messages to many people at once.
  • Allows one to join and exit whenever they like. They now have the choice of remaining in the room or exiting the channel of their choice.
  • Helps spread knowledge to people according to their requirements. You will join a channel if it is what you are looking for.
  • Only the admins have access to the list of channel subscribers. 
  • Hence, it helps in preventing privacy invasions.

Some Warnings You Should Be Aware Of

  • Putting money into the stock market carries both risk and reward. You can earn a lot of money, but you also run the risk of losing all of your money. To avoid making a mistake, make sure to educate yourself on the market, how it functions, the trades, the dos and don’ts, and other topics before starting a full-time job.
  • Never depend on calls made on these channels at face value! If you choose to trade, you run the risk of losing money because the channels disclaim all responsibility if their predictions are incorrect. Invest your money sensibly instead.
  • A large majority of the Telegram channels are run by unlicensed individuals. So, before investing in any scheme that is offered you need to make sure that it is a genuine one.
  • Some of the best share market telegram channels even provide a premium service. You might be charged some amount but please make sure that they are not fake.
  • People usually get scammed, make sure you’re not one of them.

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Wrapping Up

We sincerely hope we were able to assist you in finding the best share market telegram channels to enhance your trading experience.

The Best Share Market Telegram Channels listed in this post are solely for instructional reasons, so please take that into consideration. A financial advisor should be consulted before purchasing any stocks.

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