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Chirag Yojana Haryana
Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023

The Chirag Yojana Haryana provides free education to all students who pass the 10th grade. The program is offered in government schools. It covers tuition fees, books, uniforms, and other associated costs.  

This makes it a great option for families who want their children to have access to quality education but can’t afford to pay for it themselves. The main aim of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the families of those who lost their earning members in farming-related activities.  

Rule-134A, which allowed economically disadvantaged and low-income kids in the state to attend private schools in the state, has been abolished by the Haryana Education Department’s Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 initiative, which has been implemented for the new academic year. According to this program, state government students will receive financial help to attend private schools for grades 2nd to 12th.

Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 Overview 

Scheme name Haryana Chirag Yojana  
Initiated Haryana Education Department  
The year 2023 
Classes for Admission2nd to 12th class
Application Start Date31 March 2023
Application End Date15 April 2023
Beneficiary Economically weaker students of the state 
Application procedure Online/Offline  
Official website

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Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 Objectives 

The Haryana State Government has introduced the Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023, whose major goal is to give economically disadvantaged youngsters in the state the chance to enroll in private institutions and receive a high-quality education. This program allows for the free transfer of government school pupils from class II to class XII in state-run private institutions. 

Through Rule-134A, the Haryana State Government had already given disadvantaged students in the state a fantastic opportunity to attend private schools. However, in the academic year 2023, Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 has been enacted, overturning this rule. According to this, the state government will pay the tuition at private schools for the benefit of the kids.  

Benefits And Features Of Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023  

  • The Haryana State Government launched the Chirag Yojana, which benefits the state’s economically underprivileged kids. 
  • The state government’s plan was launched during the current academic year by repealing Rule 134A, which allowed children from low-income backgrounds to attend private schools for free. 
  • This program includes a free transfer option for students from class II to class XII in state-run public schools to private institutions. 
  • The state government will cover the recipient pupils’ tuition costs at private schools through the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023, which is administered by the Haryana Education Department. 
  • Students from low-income and economically disadvantaged groups will be able to easily obtain a decent education without facing any financial difficulties thanks to this state government initiative. 
  • Additionally, with the aid of this plan, the state’s rate of education will rise as well. 

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Process To Apply Under Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023  

Chirag Yojana Haryana
Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023

Students from the state of Haryana who is interested in applying must adhere to the following rules to get benefits under the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023:- 

  • You must first visit the Haryana Education Department’s official website. The website’s home page will now appear on your screen. 
  • You must select the “Haryana Chirag Yojana Online Form” option on the website’s homepage. After that, a PDF version of the application form will open in front of you. 
  • You must now print out the application form in PDF format after downloading it. 
  • After that, you must fill out the application form with all the required information. You must now submit the application form together with all necessary supporting documentation. 
  • You must now deliver the completed application form and any supporting documentation to the BEO office that is closest to you. Your application will thereafter be checked by the relevant department. 

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Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 Eligibility  

Candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements for that program to receive benefits under any government program. Similarly, to be eligible for the benefits of Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023, interested candidates must meet the following requirements established by the Haryana Government: 

  • The applicant student must be a permanent resident of the state of Haryana to apply for the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023. 
  • Only those kids who have excelled academically and have regularly passed in each section will be considered eligible under this state government-instituted program. 
  • Additionally, the applicant student’s family income for this program cannot be more than Rs. 1 lakh 80,000. 
  • According to this plan, prospective students can enroll exclusively in state-run private schools that offer instruction from classes II through XII. 

Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 Documents Needed 

  • The list of documents needed for the Chirag scheme is as follows: 
  • To transfer from the public school system to the private system, you need a certificate. 
  • Student’s official photo identification card. 
  • Family income certification document (father or mother). 

How Many Students Is The Government Planning To Take Under This Scheme? 

Since it is well known that not all students can be accepted into the program, the Haryana Army and Government have created several requirements. As part of the system, the government has established a set of numbers for each category. 

  • The state government has set the total number of kids wanting to enroll in the second grade at 2370. 
  • There will be 2411 children enrolled in third grade overall across all private institutions. 
  • The maximum number of pupils who may enroll in the fourth grade under the Chirag program is 2443. 
  • For admission under this plan, there cannot be more than 2384 fifth-grade students. 
  • There must be 2413 students to enroll in class VI at private institutions. 
  • For class VII admission, the maximum number of students is 2400, while for class VIII admission, the maximum number of students is 2383. 
  • Additionally, the enrollment has been set at 2174 for class X and 2211 for class IX. 
  • For admission to private institutions, the Haryana State Government has set a cap of 1858 students for class XI and 1940 for class XII. 
  • Thus, the total number of children eligible for admission to private schools under Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 has been set at 24987. 
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FAQs: Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023 

Q 1: What Is Chirag Yojana 2023? 

A 1: The Haryana government has launched the Chirag scheme. Under this, government fees will be used to admit underprivileged students to private schools. 

Q 2: What Criteria Are There For The Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023? 

A 2: If the family’s annual income is less than 80,000, then every student in Haryana is eligible to benefit from the program. Admission will be granted under this plan for classes II through XII. 

Q 3: How Many Students Will The Chirag Program Admit? 

A 3: In the initial phase of this program, 25000 students will be admitted. 

Final Thoughts 

The Chirag Yojana Haryana is a great scheme for the people of Haryana. It offers many benefits that will help improve the quality of life for residents in the state. By providing affordable housing, healthcare, and education, the government is making it easier for people to access these essential services.  

This program is sure to have a positive impact on the people of Haryana and improve their lives significantly. Have you taken advantage of this amazing program? If not, be sure to do so soon! 

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