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On our cell phones, we frequently get messages about various bank transactions. These letters can occasionally be genuine, but many bank customers are also the victims of fraud these days. We will attempt to clarify the DOPBNK SMS message that you often receive on your registered cellphone number following bank transactions in this article.

DOPBNK denotes that this message was sent by the Post Bank Department. In these kinds of messages, the sender is displayed as ID-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, etc. Therefore, if you ever received a DOPBNK message, it was likely delivered by the Post Bank Department.

Therefore, if you received this warning, you shouldn’t be alarmed. The message’s primary goal is to inform you of your current bank balance following the transaction. The Post Bank Department will send a DOPBNK Message to your registered mobile number if you just have a Post Office account.

POST Bank Department – What Is DOPBNK SMS Meaning

Name of BankIndia Post Payment Bank (IPPB)
DOPBNK SMS Meaning Post Bank Department
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What Is Dopbnk Message?

In India, the DOPBNK is a well-liked SMS on many people’s mobile phones. It’s frequent but perplexing if the recipient doesn’t understand what you’re saying. A legal message from the Department of Post Bank is known as DOPBNK. Residents are assured of the message by the Ministry of Communication’s verification of the details. The following SMSs could be sent to the user:


DOPBNK Link To The Mobile Number

The user must enter a working mobile number and other contact information throughout the bank registration process. In order to rapidly reach the customer, the data is added to the system. Additionally, Post Bank India gathers and stores the contact information of its clients on its computer network. 

Any transaction that occurs on the account will result in SMS messages being sent to registered members by the bank. The notifications are expected to be delivered to residents who have both an IPPB account and a Post office account.


Different banking options are available at the Indian Post Office. A number of advantages are available to registered users, including

  • Account for National Savings Recurring Deposits.
  • Postal Savings Account
  • Time deposit account for National Savings
  • Account for Public Provident Funds
  • Account for Senior Citizens Savings Plans.

Aapka Bank, Aapke Dwar is the catchphrase used by the Department of Post Bank. This manages the PAN India facility and provides a variety of services.

Direct Benefits

  • Government-sponsored scholarships
  • Government incentives and social welfare advantages.

Other Products

  • Insurance
  • Postal savings programs
  • Both loans and investments.

To enable greater services to be made available to registered members, the central government has heavily invested in DOPBNK. The legitimate person listed under the Department of India is the recipient of the DOPBNK SMS. The department has a number of programs that are helpful to users.

Is The Dopbnk SMS Legal Or Fake?


The SMS is allowed as long as we acknowledge that it was provided by the Department of Post Office (also known as the India Post Payments Bank, or IPPB), a government agency.

The DOPBNK is a government organization that offers the general people a wide range of helpful initiatives and services.

We will get a confirmation message from the bank after we make a transaction at any bank, indicating that it was successful. Similarly to this, anytime a transaction occurs in our Post Office Savings account or India Post Payments, the Post Office texts our registered phone number.

In summary, you will receive the DOPBNK SMS once you have created an IPPB (Department of Post Office account), and you may trust them because they are real.

It’s possible that you or a member of your family registered your phone number at a Post Office location if you don’t have a Post Office account but are still getting texts from DOPBNK. 

You can choose to ignore messages from The Post Office or visit your neighborhood branch and ask questions if you haven’t followed any of the aforementioned guidelines but are still receiving them.

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Q 1: What’s The Full Form Of Dopbnk?

A 1: DOPBNK’s full name is the Department of Post Office. The Indian Postal Service is referenced here. The Post Office Department Bank may send you an SMS if you have a Post Office account. The communication will be transmitted by the Department of Postal Banking and Networks (DOPBNK).

Q 2: What Is The Dopbnk Message?

A 2: Any bank with which we do business will email or SMS us to let us know the transaction has been successfully completed. Similarly to that, the Post Office will text the phone number we gave them if there is action in either our Post Office Savings account or our India Post Payments account.

After opening an account with the Department of Post Office, you will be eligible to receive the DOPBNK SMS (IPPB). You can have full confidence in the SMS sender, DOPBNK, as they have supplied accurate information.

Q 3: How Do I Find Out How Many DoPs I Have?

A 3: Enter your User ID and Password to log in to the DoP e-banking system. An OTP will now be sent to the registered mobile number you provided. Your account has successfully been logged into. To view your account’s available balance on your smartphone, simply pick the Accounts tab.

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