Who Was Baptized Twice In The Bible? Can One Get Rebaptized?

Who Was Baptized Twice In The Bible?

Baptism is an important religious ceremony that shows that sins have been washed away and a new life has begun. But the question remains as to who was baptized twice in the Bible. In the Bible, a lot of people were baptized, and some of them were baptized more than once. This article will talk about the people in the Bible who were baptized twice, why they did it, and what we can learn from them.

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The Definition And Importance Of Baptism In Christianity

Before talking about who was baptized twice in the Bible, it’s important to know what baptism means and how important it is in Christianity. Baptism is a sacrament or ritual that shows that a person has become a member of the Christian Church or has been initiated into it.

It involves putting water on a person’s forehead or putting them completely underwater. This shows that their sins have been washed away and that they are starting over with Christ.

In Christianity, baptism is an important rite of passage that shows a person’s faith in God and dedication to him or her. It is often linked to things like changing your mind, being forgiven, and being saved. The Bible says that you must be baptized to be saved. Even Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (Matthew 3:13-17).

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Who Was Baptized Twice in the Bible?

Most people only get baptized once, but some people in the Bible were baptized twice. Here are three illustrations:

Simon Peter

Simon Peter was one of the twelve apostles and a follower of Jesus. He was the first person to realize that Jesus was the Messiah, and he was a very important part of the early Christian Church. According to the Gospel of John, John the Baptist baptized Simon Peter before he followed Jesus (John 1:35-42).

But after Jesus died and rose from the dead, Simon Peter lied about him three times. He later changed his mind, and Jesus gave him his job back, telling him to “feed my sheep” (John 21:15-19). Simon Peter was baptized again to show that he believed in Jesus Christ again and was committed to him.

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The Disciples In Ephesus

Acts 19:1–7 tells the story of twelve followers of Jesus in Ephesus who were baptized twice. The only thing these disciples knew about Jesus was that John the Baptist baptized them. When Paul got to Ephesus, he asked the people there if they had received the Holy Spirit. They said, “No, we haven’t even heard that there is a Holy Spirit” (Acts 19:2).

Paul then baptized them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they got the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and prophesying. John the Baptist had said that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit. This second baptism proved that John was right (Matthew 3:11).


Apollos was a Jewish Christian from Alexandria who preached about Jesus in Ephesus and Corinth. People said he spoke well and knew the Bible very well. But he only knew about John the Baptist’s baptism. He hadn’t heard anything about Jesus’ baptism yet (Acts 18:24-28).

When Priscilla and Aquila heard Apollos preach, they pulled him aside and gave him a more accurate explanation of the way of God. Apollos then went to Achaia, where he helped the Christians there a lot.

It’s not clear if Apollos was baptized twice or not, but his story shows how important correct teaching is and how important it is for Christians to have a full understanding of the Gospel.

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The Reasons Behind Being Baptized Twice

In the Bible, there are many different reasons for being baptized twice. Simon Peter was baptized again to show that he had changed his mind about denying Jesus and recommitted himself to Christ.

The disciples in Ephesus were baptized twice because they had only been baptized by John the Baptist and had not yet heard about baptism in the name of Jesus. When they were baptized again, they got the Holy Spirit, which was what John the Baptist had said would happen.

Apollos, on the other hand, only knew about John the Baptist’s baptism. He needed to learn more about the rest of the Gospel message to fully understand it.

Can One Get Rebaptized?

People often get baptized twice, often referred to as rebaptism, for a variety of reasons like they were baptized before they became a believer of Jesus Christ and so get baptized again after becoming a believer.

Baptism is in fact an initial and public identification with Christ after you follow him for salvation. So you should get baptized as soon as you become a believer and also as soon as you can best publicly proclaim your salvation.

Also, it is important to note that baptism is a once and for all event. St. Paul also said that there is only one baptism as it is a crucial thing and something that we do only once in our life. We should not be repeating it. One major reason behind this is that in baptism, a soul is marked as baptized individuals from sins. So it remains with you throughout your life.

Even if we turn back to God for our sins, we don’t need to get baptized again. According to Catholic belief, in these cases, one should opt for a confession in a Church rather than get baptized again. Hence, baptism should be performed only once in your life.


Q1. Why do some people get baptized twice in the Bible?

Ans. Some people were baptized twice in the Bible for various reasons, such as the need for accurate teaching, a renewed commitment to Christ, or the reception of the Holy Spirit.

Q2. Is baptism necessary for salvation?

Ans. According to the Bible, you must be baptized to be saved, just like Jesus was by John the Baptist.

Q3. What does Christian baptism stand for?

Ans. Baptism symbolizes the washing away of sins and the rebirth of a new life in Christ. It is often linked to things like changing your mind, being forgiven, and being saved.

Q4. Can someone be baptized more than twice?

Ans. Even though there is no limit to how many times someone can be baptized, what makes baptism important is not the number of times it is done, but the spiritual change it shows.

Q5. Do you have to be baptized to join a church?

Ans. Different churches have different requirements for membership, but baptism is often a prerequisite for membership in a Christian church.


Even though baptism is usually done only once, some people in the Bible were baptized twice. Simon Peter was baptized again after denying Jesus and then changing his mind. The disciples in Ephesus were baptized again after getting accurate teaching about the Gospel, and Apollos needed more teaching to understand the whole Gospel message. These stories teach us important lessons about how important baptism is, how important it is to teach the truth, and how kind and forgiving God is.

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