Angel Number 21 – Await Transitions & New Beginnings

Angel Number 21 – Await Transitions & New Beginnings

Angel Number 21

Seeing the number 21 too often but can’t figure out what it means? Worry not, we got this covered for you. Read the blog to learn more about the appearance of angel number 21 in your life and the hidden message it carries with it.

Angel numbers are ways or you can say portals that the divine beings use to convey with you. Nobody knows the ways of angelic beings, but one thing is certain – they are always watching over you and are with you in every facet of life. 

So you must try to understand the message they are trying to deliver to you through these angel numbers. They will help you in preparing for the upcoming struggles you might face in your life and guide you in a better direction.

The angel number 21 is most commonly associated with transitions and new beginnings in your life. So you should expect the beginning of some new chapters in your life. This transition in your life will accompany by it fresh start of something new that will have a huge impact on your life. 

Angel Number 21 Meaning

Angel number 21 is a subtle way of the angelic beings trying to tell you about the forthcoming changes in your life and new experiences that you will face encountering them. Change is the way of life and we can experience growth only through accepting transitions in our lives. 

People do fear changes because of the unanticipated factors it brings with them. No one knows what kind of changes will take place in their lives and in what way will they impact your life. Thus the fear of the unknown makes people reluctant to embrace the changes in their life. 

But think about it – What if nothing changes and things remain how they are forever? Changes are vital and they are necessary to move on in life that will lead to new openings and beginnings in your life, changing your life on a whole new level. And who knows? Maybe the changes you so dread are the path to the life that you so desire to lead!

Thus, angel number 21 is encouraging you and trying to tell you that this is the right time to start something new and invest your energy into it because this will transform you and your life on a massive level.

New opportunities are on the threshold, and all you need to do is to follow the path directed by the universe and be optimistic toward the changes and transitions. Optimistic energy attracts positive things. Follow the guidance of your angels and manifest your desires.

Angel Number 21 Symbolism

Changes, whether big or small, causes tension and stress about what is coming next. Worrying about uncertainty is completely natural but you can turn these times of stress and worry into something positive by changing your outlook and dealing with these transitions with a new perspective.

Both the journey and the final destination are crucial. Dealing with tumultuous times in your life helps you in gaining confidence and build your self-esteem

Being unable to adapt to change might have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health. Such life changes can result in melancholy, anxiety, sleep problems, and even PTSD. To be ready and prepared for such adjustments is crucial.

That is why angelic beings communicate to you through angel numbers. The angel number 21 is just your angels telling you to be prepared and brace yourself for the upcoming changes. 

The angel number 21 can appear in many forms in your life, like time, date, license plate, monetary values, etc. So, you need to be conscious as these are signs from the universe trying to convey and guide you in your life.

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Is Number 21 Positive Or Negative?

The angel number 21 is certainly positive and its appearance in your life indicates that new opportunities are waiting for you. It is also a sign of good luck. You may even be lucky enough to finally find your true mate or twin flame also.

You will experience fresh starts through changes; so keep a positive perspective about transitions and them as they lead you to success and happiness. You seeing the angel number 21 means that you are in the right direction. 

You angels are watching you and are with you. So let yourself be guided by them. 

What Does Number 21 Mean Spiritually?

Angel number 21 has spiritual significance in the sense that it is related to spiritual growth and wisdom. The number 21 is composed of 2 digits – 2 and 1. The number 1 is indicative of the fact that you need to identify your true potential and inner strengths to reach your ultimate objective.

You are being encouraged by your angels to interact and adopt the higher version of yourself through prayers, meditation, confidence, and the power you have within you. The number 21 is trying to deliver the divine message to you to connect with the energy within and around you. 

Look inside yourself and fathom the depth of your emotions and how they control your mind. Release the negative energy by focusing only on what is right and positive. Being able to overcome the struggles of your life is a sign that your angels are always supporting and encouraging you.

And when in doubt, just turn to prayers and meditate. Ask the universe to open up your route, make it easier for you to travel, and point you in the right direction. The angel number 21 is a subtle reminder that your hardships will end soon and that relief is nearby. Keep calm and keep moving forward.

Angel number 21 is also a sign of protection, comfort, patience, and safety. Transitions may accompany many changes which may seem scary at first but will eventually turn out in your favor. 

Brace yourself for some new adventures that are coming your way, identify your inner strength, and be the person that you are – your very own self. Utilize your talents and skills to achieve your life’s goals and follow wherever your heart desires and let the divine light guide you in your way.

Angel Number 21 And Love

Angel number 21 is indeed a positive number that carries good luck with it. So surely it will have a positive effect on your love life as well. The appearance of the number 21 in your life indicates that you will experience luck in your love life as well. 

Your angels are aware that you are a selfless person with a pure heart which will help you in finding a kind-hearted match that will value you for who you are. You have passion and gentleness in your heart for your loved ones and you love showering it on others.

The angel number 21 is very much associated with nuptials also, that is, engagements and weddings. It tells you that the time to take a step towards it is now. If you are sincere in your efforts, you will succeed in your endeavors.

Even if you are single right now, don’t worry, because the number 21 has a positive perspective on your love life. There is someone out there who was created just for you. Continue trying and don’t give up. Have faith in the universe and in yourself because everything will work out for the best in the end.

Angel Number 21: Career & Opportunities

The number 21 combines the energies of 2 numbers – 2 and 1. 

On one hand, number 2 is related to consideration, compassion, generosity, thoughtfulness, and love. On the other hand, number 1 indicates freedom, autonomy, prosperity, inspiration, and fresh starts.

The synergy created by the combined effect of these two numbers has a favorable impact on your career life. The plans you are working on will align with your goals perfectly, you just need to keep moving ahead despite the difficulties.

If you have invested quite a long time and effort in some project which didn’t give any positive results so far, number 21 is an indication to continue pursuing it with all your heart. You will gain success and your efforts will bear fruitful results soon. 

Use your difficulties and struggles to learn and improve your experience. The purpose of the popping up of the number 21 in your life is that your angels are sending positive and optimistic energy your way. Whatever you need is already within you waiting to be unleashed. 

It may happen that the people around you are not supporting your plans and may even doubt your capabilities. However, you are advised to not get disheartened by it. You should have confidence in yourself and your ability even when no one else does. Self-doubt kills dreams, so you should be the biggest cheerleader for yourself.

Number 21 also shows that you are headed in the right direction. The frustration and anxiety you are feeling will disappear soon. Soon you will be rewarded for your hard work. Don’t loosen your hard work and keep striving toward your goals. 

Of course, the uncertainty of the future and the repercussions of your actions will cause stress and anxiety, but remember that all these are natural, and handling them properly will pave your way to success. Your angels are always helping you lessen your burdens and supporting you in all your actions. 

Focus on doing your job properly with all your heart and leave the rest in the hands of God. Sincere efforts always have magnificent rewards. Trust in the guidance given by your angels and have patience — all good things take time!

Seeing Angel Number 21

If you are seeing the angel number 21 too often in your daily life, it could be a divine message from your divine beings. This number is indicative of something positive that is expected to occur in the aspect of your love, career, or financial life. 

In your love life, number 21 is telling you to show your love to others as well as allow them to reciprocate that love to you also. You should be mindful of your emotions and also of others. Communication is the essence of any successful relationship. You should always discuss and solve all and any issues that you both face and find solutions for them together. Relationships work when both partners invest in it equally. 

Avoid speaking or doing anything that could be hurtful to your partner. Prioritize your other half’s sentiments and emotions at all times and spend quality time with them. Respect your better half and make them feel valued by giving them both attention and time. 

If you are single, the number 21 is trying to tell you to be independent but also to reach out to your friends when you need help. Self-isolation is never a solution to your problems – it will only lead to sadness. Try to connect with people around you and seek their help when needed. 

But this does not mean that you should depend on others. Try your best to resolve your issues on your own first. Having faith in your skills and capabilities is essential. Overcome your obstacles and struggles and remember that your angels are with you. 

It must be difficult for you right now, but keep in mind that comfort and relief are on the way. You will be immensely rewarded for your efforts so don’t be let down even if it is taking a bit longer. Have patience and place your trust in your angels. They are always guiding and watching over you.


So now you know the varied aspects of this divine number 21. This number as we saw is indicative of the upcoming transitions that you will be facing in your life. It serves as a reminder to keep up your good work and never give up on your goals. 

Hope now you understand the hidden meaning and symbolism behind the angel number 21, its spiritual meaning, its significance in your love as well as career life, and what it means when you keep seeing this number in any form in your life.

Trust your instincts and let your angels guide you through your difficulties to the path of success. 

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