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EHRMS Punjab Login

A tool for efficient human resource and decision-support management is the EHRMS Punjab login. The Integrated Human Resource Management System has been implemented for employee services by the Punjab Government.

You can access Punjab eHRMS services such as Employee PaySlip, Leave Management, and more through your EHRMS login. The government can pay salaries to all employees quickly using this portal since it automates the creation of Pay Slips.

Regularly, the DDO officer from the department will upload the employee’s details. so that the information on their pay stubs is accessible on the HRMS Punjab portal. Since they utilize credentials to get in and examine the employees’ personal information, the process is secure.

Using their login information, every employee of the Punjab government can get their payslip via the HRMS portal. Use the procedure listed below to download your monthly pay stub from the HRMS Punjab portal.

EHRMS Punjab Employee Login Online Process

Despite the fact that you must log in, accessing the HRMS site is simple. The steps below can be used to complete the straightforward process.

  • View the page on the official website of HRMS Punjab.
  • Look for the login tab on the webpage, then click EHRMS Punjab payslip.
  • When you click the login tab, a new page will open in which you must enter your User ID and password. To continue, you must then input the captcha code on the same page.
  • Recheck the data, and then click the login button to continue.
  • The system will check the information before granting access to the portal.

EHRMS Punjab Forgot Login Password

EHRMS Punjab Login | HRMS Punjab Employee Salary Slip Download

A password or user ID is required to complete the login process. However, you might forget the password for a number of reasons. The account could be blocked if the password is incorrect.

  • The homepage of the official website,
  • Choose the login option from the list on the right side of the login portal page.
  • Find the “lost password” option, then continue.
  • Accessible Here:
  • Enter the necessary data in the appropriate format, along with your department and employee code.
  • Before choosing the search option, double-check the details.
  • The system will require additional verification, such as the mobile number you registered on the provided page.
  • If everything checks out, the support team will email you a new password on your registered cellphone number via the HRMS site.

How To Get IHRMS Punjab Employee Code

Each detail in the account is related to the other and is crucial. An essential component is the user ID mentioned upon account login. The employer provides the user ID, which is utilized as the IHRMS employee code. Use the following online procedure to obtain the code.

  • To continue, go to the login page at, the IHRMS Punjab online gateway.
  • Select “obtain employee code” from the menu bar on the homepage.
  • Continue and type Punjab in the field that asks for a state. Enter the Aadhaar card number or the date of birth. The registered mobile number must now be entered, followed by the captcha code. To prevent having to repeat the operation, the code needs to be duplicated accurately.
  • For the code to be generated, the details must be accurate. Pick the “get employee code” tab if it is listed on the right.
  • Your employee code will be sent by the system to the entered mobile number.

To prevent page blocking, be sure to properly enter all the information. Before resetting or supplying personal information, the HRMS site double-checks every detail. Employees are warned not to transmit inaccurate information or they would suffer the repercussions.

E-HRMS Punjab Payslip Mobile APP

Through a smartphone app, the government provided a practical means to access the portal. The ability to examine the details from any location at any time has made the process easier for the personnel. The following are a few stages of the mobile app:

  • Open the link on the IHRMS homepage.
  • Choose the IHRMS Punjab payslip mobile application from the home page.
  • Select the install button to proceed after that.
  • After the system has finished installing the application, you can launch it and log in using your username and password.
  • Since so many individuals own smartphones, the mobile app is simple. However, one must select the appropriate mobile application from the several varieties shown.

Benefits Of The EHRMS Punjab Login ( Website Portal

The IHRMS Punjab website holds a lot of advantages for both government and employees. The state has seen a significant digital transformation as a result. Employees are no longer concerned about the line or misplaced paystubs.

  • Because employees can access the site without aid from HR, it saves time and resources.
  • Any employee can open and use it with ease.
  • The website includes all information, from payslips to resolving employee issues.
  • The payslip can be used to apply for loans or a new job; the site makes this quick and easy for employees.
  • The government can easily follow up with employees.
  • You may find out more about your tax deduction or the loan application process here.
  • Members can follow salary increases and new developments on the website.

Be aware that until shared, nobody can access your account. To prevent hacking or information leakage, personal information must be protected.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, all employees will benefit greatly from the EHRMS Punjab Login. The government can easily keep track of every employee detail and find quick solutions to issues. Keep in mind that the portal has a support staff that takes employee complaints seriously. Through the account or registered mobile number, they get the issues and respond appropriately.

Any adjustments the employee must make must appear on the account. There are specifics that can be changed, such as email addresses and mobile numbers. Make the necessary changes to prevent confusion regarding the account details. Please see the official website at

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