Figs Stock Price Prediction – Is FIGS A Buy, Sell Or Hold?

Figs Stock Price Prediction
Figs Stock Price Prediction

What is the future of Figs stock price prediction? Many investors have recently begun considering this subject. Continue reading to get more about the future price forecasts for FIGS stock. 

In finance, the stock price of a company is the measure of the value of its shares on the market. The price may be influenced by various factors, such as the company’s overall performance, expectations about future performance, global economic conditions, and other events.  

The current stock price of FIGS is 8.00 USD. It is expected to climb up to 9.28 USD in 2025 and 8.29 USD in the year 2026.

In this article, we will make a prediction for figs stock prices in 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026. We will analyze past data to come up with our forecast.  Keep reading to learn more!

About FIGS Inc.

FIGS Inc. is a forward-thinking healthcare apparel brand that develops and markets high-quality garments for healthcare professionals. Using premium fabrics, advanced technologies, and innovative design, FIGS creates durable and comfortable clothing that meets the unique needs of medical professionals. 

Now Co-CEOs, Heather Hasson and Trina Spear started it in Los Angeles, California, in 2013.

With a focus on quality and comfort, FIGS designs clothing that meets the demanding needs of modern healthcare environments, from sterile surgical settings to busy emergency response teams. 

From comfortable scrubs to sleek lab coats, the products offered by FIGS help to improve the performance and well-being of everyone who works in the healthcare industry. 

Whether providing protection from infection risk in an operating room or keeping clinicians cool and dry on a busy hospital floor, FIGS clothes are truly made to perform.

And with unsurpassed customer service and extensive product knowledge, FIGS has quickly become the go-to brand for healthcare professionals around the world. 

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FIGS: Financial Information

Market Capitalization1.328B
Shares Outstanding159.09M
Free Float126.43M
P/E Ratio64.35
Average Volume3,974,618
52-Week Range5.55 – 23.93
P/E Ratio50.00
Dividend YieldN/A


Profit Margin6.21%
Operating Margin (ttm)10.38%

Cash Flow Statement

Operating Cash Flow (ttm)-25.95M
Levered Free Cash Flow (ttm)-23.29M

Figs Stock Price Forecasts For Upcoming Years

Figs Stock Price Prediction 2023

Figs Stock Price Prediction
Figs Stock Price Prediction

In 2023, analysts have predicted that the average weighted per-share value of FIGS stock will be $12.55 on average, with 11.81 USD and 14.08 USD at the lowest and highest forecast range.

Figs Stock Price Prediction 2024

Figs’ weighted stock price per share is predicted to be $13.36 on average in 2024, with an expected range of $12.24 – $15.26 USD at the low and high end respectively.

The weighted per-share value for this company stock has been forecasted by analysts who have predicted a negative trend in the stock prices in the year 2024.

Figs Stock Price Prediction 2025

In December 2025, a weighted average target price of $9.28 per FIGS share is anticipated. Negative dynamics will rule during that time, while monthly price volatility is predicted to be 19.523%.

Figs Stock Price Prediction 2026

The weighted average target price per FIGS share in 2026 is expected to be $8.29 at the end of the year, with negative dynamics prevailing during that period and expected volatility at 17.908%. This means that there will likely only exist a monthly range for this measure which may go up as high as 22% or down close to 10%.

Is FIGS Stock A Buy, Sell Or Hold?

The current state of FIGS, Inc. is not favorable, and we anticipate that it will continue to perform poorly over the coming days or weeks. As such our opinion on this stock has become more negative after holding previously positive views about its prospects earlier on when they were performing well. 

But now those times seem to be missing because management’s decisions have caused many changes which are difficult to recover from quickly without any quick fixes seen yet so far at least.

However, in the long run, the company is expected to show growth prospects in terms of profitability and revenue growth. The average rating score for figures stock is Buy. This is based on a consensus rating of 19 buy ratings, 8 hold opinions, and 1 sell review from investors who are ready to invest their money in this company.

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that if investors are considering whether or not to purchase FIGS stocks right now, then they should go ahead with their purchase decision. While the stock prices might be highly volatile in the short term, they are expected to yield good returns in the long term scenario.

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FAQs – Figs Stock Price Prediction

Q1: How Much Revenue Do FIGS Generate Each Year?

A1: FIGS has generated annual revenue of $419.59 million as per the records.

Q2: What Is FIGS’s Price-to-earnings Ratio?

A2: The trailing price-to-earnings ratio of FIGS is 50.35 while the forward price-to-earnings ratio is 65.85. Also, the price/earnings-to-growth ratio is 29.69.

Q3: What Is FIGS’s EPS Forecast For Next Year?

A3: FIGS is expected to grow significantly in the next year. Their price per share is expected to rise from $0.13 per share to $0.23 per share in the next year, indicating an increase of 76.92%.

Q4: How To Buy FIGS Stock Online?

A4: To invest in FIGS shares, you can open an account at a top-tier brokerage firm like TradeStation, TD Ameritrade, Degiro, Saxo Bank, Interactive Brokers, etc.


The FIGS company is a medical apparel company that is expected to see significant growth in the next few years. Their stock prices are predicted to rise significantly by the end of 2023 and continue to increase through 2026, experiencing some ups and downs as well. 

Their growing product line, global presence, and potent branding are just a few factors among many others contributing to their growth. Investors should consider buying stock in FIGS now to take advantage of these future predictions.

So if you’re looking for a solid long-term investment opportunity, then you should definitely consider buying the Figs Stock Price Prediction now.

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