Maharashtra Ration Card List

Maharashtra Ration Card List

Maharashtra Ration Card List

The Maharashtra ration card list is a compilation of all the ration cards issued in the state of Maharashtra. The list includes the name of the cardholder, address, and other important details about the card. 

This information can be helpful for people who are looking to apply for a ration card or simply want to know more about the ration card scheme in Maharashtra. The list is updated regularly, so make sure to check back often for updates.

To be eligible for the program, families must meet certain criteria such as having a below-poverty-line income or being a landless agricultural workers. A ration card list is an important tool in ensuring that the most vulnerable families in the state have access to affordable food.

What Is A Ration Card List?

A ration card is an essential document in India that allows households to buy essential commodities such as rice, wheat, sugar, and kerosene at subsidized rates from the government. 

The list of ration card holders is prepared by the state government and is updated every few years. The list includes the names of all the members of the household, their ages, gender, and address. 

Ration cards are usually valid for 3-5 years. To avail of the benefits of a ration card, households need to produce their ration card at the time of purchase. Ration cards are an important safety net for poor and vulnerable households in India. 

They help ensure that households have access to essential commodities at affordable prices.

Benefits Of Having A Ration Card

A ration card is an identity card issued by the Government of India to households to purchase essential commodities like food grains, cooking oil, sugar, etc. at subsidized prices from the Public Distribution System. It also acts as a means of identification. 

The cardholder’s name, photograph, and address are printed on the card. Ration cards are categorized into APL (Above Poverty Line), BPL (Below Poverty Line), and AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) families.

APL families are not eligible for subsidies but can purchase items from the PDS at market prices. BPL families are entitled to purchase essential commodities at subsidized rates. AAY families are the poorest of the poor and are entitled to purchase food grains at highly subsidized rates.

Ration cards play an important role in ensuring that essential commodities are available to all sections of society, especially the poor and needy. They help in targeting subsidies and ensure that only those who need them benefit from them. 

Ration cards also help in the distribution of relief during natural disasters and emergencies. They are a vital tool for welfare schemes like PDS, mid-day meals, etc. All Indian citizens should possess a ration card as it helps in availing many benefits offered by the government.

For example, ration card holders may be able to receive subsidies for housing, electricity, and water. Overall, having a ration card can provide families with much-needed financial assistance and help them access essential goods and services.

How To Check Name – Maharashtra Ration Card List

Maharashtra Ration Card List

The web portal does not currently provide a district- or name-specific ration card list, although ration card details can be viewed. For this, carefully follow the instructions below:

1. Go To Food Portal’s Main Website.

Visit the Maharashtra Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department’s website to view MH Ration Card Details. Use this website:

2. Pick The Online Services Menu Item.

When the Maharashtra official website is opened, the Online Services area may be seen on the right side. Choose the Online Fair Price Shops and Online Rastabhav Shops in Marathi options first.

3. All Districts AePDS

After then, a new window will appear with the website. AePDS-All Districts will be a choice in this instance. Select AePDS – Sarva District from the Marathi menu.

4. Click On The RC Details Menu Item.

A new web page will now appear. The report part is located here on the left. The option for RC Details will be provided below this. To view the name in the list of ration cards, choose this option.

5. Enter SRC Number 

Following this, you will be prompted to enter your SRC number. Enter your SRC number to submit and check your RC information.

6. Online Maharashtra Ration Card Check

The information for the ration card will appear on the screen as soon as the SRC number is entered and submitted. This will allow you to check Member Details, RC Transaction Details, and RC Entitlement Details.

Name Of The Districts Of Maharashtra Ration Card List That Is Available Online –

All state residents who possess ration cards may search for their names in the Maharashtra Ration Card List, whose district names are listed below.

S.noDistrict NameS.noDistrict Name
2Akola (Akola)20Nanded
4Aurangabad (Aurangabad)22Nashik (Nashik)
5Beed (Bhandara)23Osmanabad
6Bhandara (dialect)24Palghar (Palghar)
8Chandrapur (Chandrapur)26Pune
9Dhule27Raigad (Raigad)
10Gadchiroli28Ratnagiri (Ratnagiri)
14Jalna32Solapur (Solapur)
15Kolhapur (Kolhapur)33Thane
17Mumbai City35Washim
18Mumbai Suburban36Yavatmal

Purpose Of Maharashtra Ration Card List

The primary goal of the Maharashtra Ration Card List 2022 is to enable the existing poor population to receive rations at a minimal cost. Additionally, all programs are launched for the poor population through the ration card, ensuring that they have access to all services and can meet all of their needs. 

The official ration card application portal has now been made available by the state government, saving the candidate both time and money by eliminating the need for an office visit. You may create all of your official documents, including a driver’s license, an electricity connection, a voter ID, etc., with a ration card.

Required Documents Related To Maharashtra Ration Card List 2022

Please be aware that for you to utilize all the aforementioned services, your name must be on the Maharashtra Ration Card List. You must first apply for a Maharashtra Ration Card before doing this. which these documents are required.

  • Aadhar Number
  • Pan Card
  • I Certificate
  • Gas Connection
  • 1 Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Certificate
  • Basic Address Proof

Maharashtra Ration Card List Online Complaint

You can submit a complaint online if you have a ration card problem or any other issue with it. Its availability has been made available on the Maharashtra Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection’s official website.

Go to the web portal first to file an online ration card complaint. After that, select Online Grievance Redressal System from the list of options under Online Services.

The website will then launch in a new tab. You can choose to file a complaint there. Choose this choice to file an online ration card complaint.

The online complaint form is now available for use. Fill out the form completely and accurately. Additionally, upload the necessary documentation. Submit the complaint after filling out all the information.

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FAQs: Maharashtra Ration Card List

Q 1: How Do I Get The Online Maharashtra Ration Card List?

A 1: On, the Food Department of Maharashtra’s official website, you may get all the information you need regarding ration cards. Ration card details will be available by ration card number, however, district- and name-specific ration card lists are not yet available.

Q 2: How To Discover Information About A Maharashtra Ration Card Online?

A 2: The Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department’s official website now offer the ability to search by ration card. You will be able to search for it using the number on your ration card.

Q 3: What Should I Do If My Name Isn’t On The List And The Ration Card Hasn’t Been Made?

A 3: If your ration card has not yet been created, you must apply by completing the required paperwork. Contact the Maharashtra-based local Food Department office for more information.

Final Thoughts

Maharashtra has released the list of ration card holders who will be receiving food grains at a subsidized price. This is great news for the people of Maharashtra, as it means that they will have access to affordable food. 

The government has also announced that there is no minimum deposit limit for these cards, so even if you do not have much money saved up, you can still benefit from this program. If you are a resident of Maharashtra and do not yet have a ration card, be sure to apply soon.

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