Ration Card List CG 2022

Ration Card List CG 2022

Ration Card List CG 2022

You should verify your name in the new ration card list CG 2022 if you have applied for a new ration card or if it is already on the list. Because of the process of adding the name of the eligible person to the list and periodically removing the name of the ineligible person from the list. 

This post provides detailed instructions on how to check the list of Chhattisgarh ration cards online. So you carefully and thoroughly read this essay. so that you won’t run into any difficulties when checking the list. 

You can view the Chhattisgarh public distribution system’s list of rural and urban ration cards. To enable online access to Chhattisgarh’s ration card information, the CG Government has developed a web portal. where all CG beneficiaries can view their names on this list from the comfort of their own homes.

All You Need To Know: Ration Card List CG 2022

The Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department, Chhattisgarh, is in charge of managing the ration card program. It is their duty to distribute ration cards to all qualified residents of the state. 

Ration offers ration cards at a discounted rate to owners of APL, BPL, and Antyodaya cards. The ration being provided still include items like rice, wheat, kerosene, etc.

An Overview

article namelist of districts of Chhattisgarh
concerned stateChhattisgarh
concerned departmentFood Supplies Department, Chhattisgarh
BeneficiaryPeople of Chhattisgarh.
purposeProviding ration at low price.
official websitehttps://khadya.cg.nic.in/

Types Of Chhattisgarh Ration Card

Let us inform you that different states have different ration card types. In the same vein, if you wish to apply for a Cg Ration Card, we will inform you that it is currently available in Chhattisgarh:

1. Antyodaya Ration Card: Families living in poverty are given an antyodaya ration card. The beneficiaries receive 35 kg of rice each month at a cost of Rs. 1 per kg.

2. Priority Ration Card: Under this program, rice is distributed to beneficiaries at a monthly rate of Re 1 kg based on the number of households. That is, 10 kg of rice for one person and 20 kg for two people.

3. APL Ration Card: The family members of the general group are given the APL Ration Card. For this, recipients must pay Rs. 10 per kg in exchange for receiving 35 kg of rice every month.

4. Annapurna Ration Card: With the Annapurna Ration Card, recipients receive 35 kg of rice each month for free; only the remaining 25 kg of rice must be purchased, and even then, only at a cost of Rs. 1 per kg.

5. Disabled Ration Card: Under this program, participants receive 10 kg of rice each month at no cost.

Documents Required For Chhattisgarh Ration Card 2022

Let us inform you that if you wish to apply for a Cg Ration Card, you must also have a few key documents, which we will list below.

  • The applicant for a Chhattisgarh Ration Card must be a native of the state.
  • Aadhar cards are required for those seeking Chhattisgarh Ration Cards.
  • In addition, the applicant must have a valid address for correspondence.
  • Additionally, you must own an ID card.
  • A copy of the income certificate is also included with this.
  • Additionally, you ought to have a cellphone number and a passport-size photo.

How To Apply Online For Chhattisgarh Ration Card? 

If you haven’t created a Chhattisgarh Ration Card yet, make sure to read the rest of this post because we’ll explain how to accomplish it in the next section. This will allow you to create a Chhattisgarh Ration Card online and then download it with ease.

  • You must visit the Chhattisgarh Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department’s official website to create a ration card online.
  • Your browser will now launch its home page, where you can choose between Notifications and Government Orders. You can access the form to create a new ration card by clicking on it. Therefore, click this form.
  • When you click on it, a form with two pages will appear in front of you. Now, download this form.
  • You can obtain a Chhattisgarh Ration Card by printing off the application after downloading it, correctly filling out all of the information prompted on it, attaching the required documents, and submitting it to the food and logistics division of your tehsil. 

List Of Districts Of Chhattisgarh Whose Gram Panchayat Ration Card List Is Available Online –

You can check here for a list of the districts for which the CG Khadya official web portal has a ration card list available. The names on the new list will be available for residents of all the districts listed above to view online while at home.

Baloda BazarKondagaon
BastarKoriya (Korea)
Bijapur (Bijapur)Mungeli (Mungeli)
Bilaspur (Bilaspur)Narayanpur (Narayanpur)
Dantewada (Dantewada)Raigarh (Raigarh)
DhamtariRaipur (Raipur)
Janjgir-ChampaSurajpur (Surajpur)
Jashpur (Jashpur)Surguja

The Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department of Chhattisgarh has made the public distribution system available online on this online web portal, which has the name and web address khadya.cg.nic.in. This online web page allows users to search for a name on a ration card. Is. 

This includes specific information about the allocation of rice, the name of the shopkeeper, and the recipients of ration cards, together with the full information of the food department.

But because they are unfamiliar with the online procedure, many people are unable to benefit from it. This post will provide clear and concise instructions on how to check your name on the online ration card list. Let’s begin right away.

Benefits Of Chhattisgarh Ration Card List 2022

  • A ration card is a significant piece of paper. This might serve as your identity as well.
  • People in the state can purchase fertilizers such as wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene, pulses, and others at discounted prices from government stores by using the Chhattisgarh ration card list.
  • A ration card may be used to obtain a driver’s license.
  • The ration card can be used to obtain an electrical connection.
  • The state issues ration cards to its citizens as a formal document.
  • Based on the residents’ income and status, the state government has distributed all of these rations.

How To Check Gram Panchayat Ration Card List Chhattisgarh (CG) 2022 Online?

Ration Card List CG 2022

Separately accessible on the web platform are the lists of urban bodies and ration cards for gram panchayats. If you live in an urban location, the urban body list is for you, and if you are from a rural area, you should view the gram panchayat list. Let us first provide you with information on how to verify the Chhattisgarh gram panchayat ration card list.

1. Go To khadya.cg.nic.in.

First, launch any web browser on your PC or mobile device. Once you’ve finished your search, enter khadya.cg.nic.in the search bar.

2. Pick Jan Bhagidari As Your Selection.

The opportunity for public input will appear on the screen as soon as the official website of the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department of Chhattisgarh is opened. To check if your name is listed for ration cards, choose this option.

3. Choose The Ration Card Beneficiaries’ Specific Details.

After then, numerous options will appear on the screen in various boxes. You can choose to view more specific information on the ration card beneficiaries here in the box containing ration card-related information.

4. Opt For A District.

All of Chhattisgarh’s districts’ names will now be displayed on the screen. You must select your district from this list. I’ll choose Bastar from the list as I’m from the Bastar district.

5. Select The Block.

The list of all the development blocks included in the district will appear after the district has been chosen.

6. Decide On The Ration Card Kind.

You will see a list of all the Gram Panchayats included in that block after choosing it. You must first locate your local Gram Panchayat. After that, decide the list you want to look for your name in and the type of ration card you want to use. Antyodaya, destitute, Annapurna, priority, disabled, or APL are a few examples.

7. View CG Ration Card List.

The full list of ration cards will appear on the screen after choosing the type of ration card. You must enter your name to search for this. Click on the ration card number next to the name after you have the name.

8. Review The Ration Card’s Full Details.

The full details of the ration card will be displayed on the screen as soon as you click the ration card number. This contains details regarding the ration card’s kind, color, and number as well as the head’s name.

9. Examine Family Members’ Details.

The information about the family members of the ration card holder’s head is also listed below the ration card’s specifics. You may see whose rice your family is receiving here.

How To Check Name In Chhattisgarh Food Department Ration Card List Urban Body?

Urban poor families receive the same low-cost food grains as their rural counterparts. For this, various ration card types have been made available based on eligibility. Urban residents are well familiar with how to check a name in this list.

1. Go To The CG Food Department Website – Open your online browser on your PC or mobile device and go to khadya.cg.nic.in to search for the name on an urban body ration card.

2. Choose The Option For Public Engagement – The option for public participation will be included in the menu as soon as the official Food Department website is opened. You must select this choice.

3. Select The Detailed Information Of The Ration Card Beneficiaries – After this different options will appear on the screen. The opportunity to view detailed beneficiary information can be found here in the box holding information about ration cards.

4. Choose Your District – The names of all the districts in Chhattisgarh will appear in the following stage. You must select your district from this list. Choose the district for which you wish to look up the ration card list, in other words.

5. Choose Urban Bodies – After choosing a district, a list of all the urban regions, or urban bodies, that are a part of that district will appear. Choose the municipal entity where you currently reside.

6. Choose The Type Of ration card – After choosing the urban body, a list of all the ration stores inside that urban body will appear. You need to identify the name of your ration store in this. The type of ration card must be chosen in front of the ration shop when it is obtained. Antyodaya, Annapurna, impoverished, priority, or APL are a few examples.

6. View The Full List Of CG Ration Cards – After choosing the ration card type, the screen will display the full list of CG ration cards. Finding your name is the first item on this list. Click on the ration card number next to the name after you have the name.

7. View Complete Details Of Ration Card – Complete details of the ration card can be viewed by clicking on the ration card number. The ration card number, the head’s name, the father’s or husband’s name, and other information can be found here.

8. Check Out The Family Members’ Information – Below the ration card’s details, you can find the family members of the person holding the card. The names of every family member whose name the rice is derived are listed there. 

How To Check Ration Card Information?

  • You must first visit the official website.
  • When you access the official website, the home page will appear. The public engagement option can be found on this home page; you must select it.
  • The following page will load if you select this option. You must select the option to display ration card details on this page.
  • The following page will appear after you click the choice. You must enter your Ration Card Number on this page before pressing the search button. The information regarding the ration card will then appear in front of you.

Process To View Detailed Information Of Ration Card Beneficiaries

  • You must first visit the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department of Chhattisgarh’s official website.
  • Your current screen will now display the home page.
  • You must select the public participation link on the home page.
  • After that, you must click on the link to the recipients’ comprehensive information.
  • Your browser will now load a new page where you must choose your district.
  • You must now choose your block.
  • The name of your shop must then be chosen.
  • Your ration card number must now be clicked.
  • You’ll see relevant information on your computer screen.

The Process Of Viewing The District Wise Total Number Of Shops According To The Range Of The Ration Card

  • You must first visit the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department of Chhattisgarh’s official website.
  • Your current screen will now display the home page.
  • You must now click the public participation link.
  • After that, you must click on the link for the total number of stores by the district as shown by the ration card range.
  • A new page will then appear in front of you with the necessary information on it.

Also Check:

FAQs: Ration Card List CG 2022

Q 1: Which Website Can I Visit To View The Chhattisgarh Ration Card List Online?

A 1: The public distribution system has been made available online at khadya.cg.nic.in, which is the official website to check ration cards. where you can obtain all ration cards and allotment-related information. Additionally, the information from the Food Department is now accessible online.

Q 2: What Should One Do If Their Name Isn’t On The New List Of Ration Cards?

A 2: You should meet with the village chief or the food department office if your name was previously on the list but has not appeared on the updated list. Wait if you have already applied. In the coming time, your name will also be updated on the list.

Q 3: What Steps Must Be Taken To Add The Name To The Ration Card?

A 3: If your name has not yet appeared on the list for ration cards, you must submit an application using the specified form. You must submit the completed form together with your Aadhar card, a passport-sized photo, and a copy of your bank passbook. You should meet the gram panchayat village head armed with these documents.

Q 4: What Should I Do If The Name Of A Member Of My Family Is Missing From The Ration Card?

A 4: If any of your children, siblings, parents, or other family members do not have a name on your ration card, collect their Aadhaar card and get in touch with the village chief or food department office.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading our blog post on ration card list CG 2022. We hope that this information was helpful and informative. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Again, thank you for your time and we look forward to bringing you more valuable content in the future.

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