Listen to the V8 Roar of the Next-Gen Ford Mustang

Prior to the model's forthcoming debut on September 14, Ford teased the 2024 Ford Mustang's exhaust note on Instagram.

When the engine is cranked, the video transitions from a menacing, rumbling idle to some intense, guttural growling.

The new Mustang then accelerates away quickly while making a small tyre squeal sound.

It has the gravitas necessary for the new generation muscle car and is guaranteed to enthuse the Mustang faithful.

With regard to the new Mustang, we already have a clear notion of what to anticipate.

The vehicle's prototypes have already been observed making growling V8 noises, and it will still be available with a manual transmission.

Hybrid versions of both engines have also been mentioned as being on the horizon.

That partly originates from Ford-filed patents as well as from enigmatic posts that observant forum users discovered on LinkedIn.